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Chicago Bears New Year’s Resolutions

There are few people happier than the Chicago Bears that 2016 is finally coming to an end, but will 2017 be much better?

The Chicago Bears have had a pretty rough 2016, and probably can’t wait for it to end. A dismal three win season, a complete regression from year one of the Pace/Fox regime, absurd amounts of injuries, and even a pair of PED violation suspensions have certainly made 2016 a year to forget at Halas Hall.

But what makes us think that 2017 will be any better for the Bears? Here are a few New Year’s Resolutions for the Bears to try and achieve in 2017, and hopefully give their fans a few reasons to look forward to next season.

Fire Head Coach John Fox

Ryan Pace has one chance with Bears fans to right this ship, save face, and retain what little fan support he has left this offseason. That chance hinges on him dismissing Head Coach John Fox.

John Fox is 9-22 in his two seasons with the Bears, who of course have one more game remaining this Sunday to wrap up the season against the Minnesota Vikings. When Fox came to Chicago two short years ago, the Bears sold the fans on the idea that Fox had been to two Super Bowl’s, so he must be a winner, right?

No, not right, John Fox has not been a winner anywhere he has gone for the most part. Fox has appeared in two Super Bowl’s, and was on the losing end of both of those, with the second of the two being an embarrassing thrashing by the Seattle Seahawks a few years ago. Fox couldn’t even win a Super Bowl with one of the two greatest quarterback’s in NFL history under center for him.

In his 15 years as an NFL Head Coach John Fox has only produced six winning seasons, with three of the six coming while he was the Head Coach of the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos. Fox has been mediocre at best, and bad in the games that matter at worst. I won’t even get into the disaster that has been the 2016 Bears, because like most Bears fans I’m trying to just get over the memory in the coming weeks.

Draft a Quarterback in the Upcoming NFL Draft

If John Fox is out after this season, you can bet that the embattled long-time Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is as good as gone as well. Even if Fox stays, chances are that we have seen the last of Jay Cutler in Chicago.

As it stands today the Bears will have the third pick in the NFL Draft this coming April, and even if they stumble into a win this Sunday, they should still have a pick inside of the top five. That being said, the Bears need to draft a quarterback this April, without a doubt.

Mitch Trubisky (North Carolina) or DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame) should be available when the Bears make their first round selection this April. The Bears would be wise to pick their next franchise quarterback this year. The last time the Bears selected a quarterback in the first round was in 2003 when they selected Rex Grossman. While Grossman won’t be making anyone’s all-time lists, he was the last quarterback under center for the Bears in a Super Bowl.

Find Some Help in the Secondary

Outside of solving the quarterback issue this offseason, the most pressing roster need is the secondary. The Bears need to go out and find someone to play in the secondary, and I mean like real NFL caliber players, rather than the practice squad dream team that John Fox has ran out there for the last two seasons.

Kyle Fuller is just about ready to receive the draft bust label, so the Bears shouldn’t depend on him to occupy one of those spots come 2017. Trumaine Johnson, Eric Berry, Prince Amukamara,  and Stephon Gilmore are just a few of the unrestricted free agents who play in the secondary, available this offseason.





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