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The Loop Sports Notes: White Sox Trade Talk Tidbits, New TLS Features for 2017

CHICAGO – The White Sox rumor mill has been quiet during the holiday’s, but Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says that the White Sox have been receiving some calls about a couple of players not named Jose Quintana this past week.

Cafardo reports that the White Sox have been receiving some “due diligence” calls from multiple teams inquiring on the asking price of White Sox third-baseman Todd Frazier, but cites that White Sox first-baseman Jose Abreu has been receiving more interest than Frazier as of late.

The Dodgers were known to be interested in Frazier at third base earlier in the offseason, but obviously have no need for the slugging third-baseman after re-signing Justin Turner. Frazier will be 31 in February, and will likely earn roughly $13.5 million dollars for the 2017 season through arbitration, so it’s hard to imagine that the White Sox will get much in return for Frazier as a stand-alone piece in a trade, especially considering that he will be a free-agent after the 2017 season at 32-years-old.

Frazier would obviously provide a team looking for a power bat at the hot corner, just what they are looking for, but the White Sox would be better served using him as a secondary piece in a trade involving Jose Quintana or David Robertson, to maximize the return that they could get for him. Honestly at this point I can’t think of a team that would be interested in Frazier considering the lack of control, age, and low batting average he brings to the table. The Yankees want an upgrade at third base, but wouldn’t be willing to take on his $13.5 million dollar salary unless they were able to move Chase Headley first, and I don’t see that happening either.

At this point the White Sox might end up holding onto Frazier for 2017, and hoping that he can at best, increase his trade deadline value with a solid first half of the season and of course at worst, provide the White Sox with an everyday starter on a thin major-league roster. Frazier is also a veteran with excellent leadership qualities, and could provide instruction to the White Sox youngsters in 2017 if they can’t move him.

Cafardo had no specific teams that were interested in Abreu, but as you can imagine, Abreu holds more value than Frazier because of his younger age, additional years of club control, and higher ability to get on base than Frazier at this point.

The Loop Sports is Rolling Out New Features in 2017!

In 2017 we will be doing all sorts of new things as we continue to grow here at The Loop Sports, from weekly previews of games ahead, to a new podcast currently in the works!

Starting in January the TLS team of writers will be participating in a weekly roundtable discussion where we tackle a variety of Chicago sports topics relevant to the prior or coming week, the discussion article will be published each Monday afternoon, starting this Monday when we discuss the current state of the Bulls playoff chances as well as who we believe will be the next breakout star in Chicago sports in 2017.

Starting tonight, we will be publishing a weekly look ahead at the Chicago sports teams upcoming opponents, highlighting the keys to victory, players to watch for, and a prediction for each game of the upcoming week. The coolest part of the new preview feature will be that it will have an opposing view as well, as we will be discussing the game with writers that cover the upcoming opponents in the previews!

Each week in January we will be analyzing the White Sox and Cubs rosters, broken into four parts (Rotation, Bullpen, Infield, Outfield), and publishing each Tuesday and Thursday morning in January. We will also have Cubs Convention and White Sox Fest previews the day before each take place, packed with attendees and useful information.

Finally, and maybe most exciting for us here at The Loops Sports, we will be launching our new podcast, The Damn Ryan – Chicago Sports Talk, Without the Traffic Jams. The podcast will be a roundtable, “Sports Talk Live” style discussion on relevant Chicago sports topics, featuring the TLS staff as well as special guests! You can look for the first episode of The Damn Ryan near the middle of January.

Thank you all for reading and helping us grow here at The Loop Sports, and we wish you all a Happy New Year, and hope you enjoy the fresh upcoming  content!


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