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Bears Ready to Spend Big Money this Offseason, Here are Three Reported Targets

Many NFL teams have started making moves, but the Chicago Bears have remained quiet. News did come out that the organization would not place the franchise tag on wide receiver Alshon Jeffery last week.

More moves are expected to come. Many believe the Bears will release wide receiver Eddie Royal and defensive end Lamarr Houston.

The Bears will have around $55 million to spend this offseason, and according to the Chicago Tribune, they are going to be very aggressive.

The Tribune also highlighted three top targets that the Bears will pursue this offseason. Those targets are Buffalo Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore, Baltimore Ravens right tackle Ricky Wagner, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon.

Out of the three targets, cornerback Stephon Gilmore is the most intriguing. The Bills drafted him in 2012 and he has been a solid player since entering the league. He made his first pro bowl this past season. The Bears have a major need for a defensive back, and Gilmore may be just the player their looking for.

Gilmore and the Houston Texans cornerback A.J. Bouye are regarded as the top cornerbacks on the free agent market. The Bears may be able to sign Gilmore for a cheaper price than Bouye. In my opinion, the need both.

This past week, both Ryan Pace and John Fox praised the Bears offensive line, but adding more depth is never a bad idea, especially in the NFL. Ravens right tackle Ricky Wagner would fit in nicely

Wagner has been a starter for the Raven for three consecutive years. The Bears do have Bobby Massie, who is signed for the next two years and will most likely start on the right side. There is an opening on the right side. That’s where Wagner could help.

Mike Glennon is the most confusing target by far. Glennon is already 27-years-old and has thrown two passes in the last two years. He has been on the Buccaneers’ roster since 2013. That year he started 13 games and led the Bucs to a 4-9 record.

The Bears are exploring all options at the quarterback position, but being interested in Glennon is a bit of head-scratcher. Glennon would be a bridge quarterback at best. The problem with that is the Bears already have one of those on the roster, and his name is Jay Cutler, who I believe is a much better option than Glennon.

It has also been reported that Glennon is looking to receive $10-12 million dollars a year. The Bears would be foolish to pay that much, for an at best bridge quarterback. Ryan Pace’s biggest mistake with the Bears has been not drafting a quarterback. Hopefully, Pace is smart enough to stay clear of Glennon.

The Bears are in position to make some big move this offseason. The next few weeks should tell us a lot. All reports indicate that the Bears will spend a ton of money this offseason. However, that won’t matter if they don’t do so wisely.





Nick is a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University and passionate about everything Chicago sports (except the Cubs). He has run his own website, been featured on Bleacher Report, and tried to sell his soul on eBay (which he hasn’t gotten back). He hopes to one day see his beloved Bears win the Super Bowl and is still trying to figure out why Jay Cutler gets so much hate.

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