Bears: Updated UDFA List

Signed Tryouts
DL Rashaad Coward (Old Dominion) OT Mark Spelman (Illinois St)
OL Dieugot Joseph (FIU) DB E’Nerius Antoine (S. Miss)
WR Tanner Gentry (Wyoming) Edge Aaron Cooper (KY Christian)
FB Freddie Stevenson (FSU) RB Joshua Rounds (Tulane)
TE Franko House (Ball St) DL Ed Vinson (Emporia St)
RB Joel Bouagnon (Northern Illinois) WR Aregerous Turner (NIU)
OL Mitchell Kursh (JMU) TE DeSean Smith (LSU)
WR Jhajuan Seales (OK St) LS Scott Daly (Notre Dame)
K Andy Phillips (Utah) WR Lance Lenoir (W. Illinois)
WR Jamari Staples (Louisville) *Unconfirmed* DB Darian Hicks (MSU)
WR Kermit Whitfield (FSU) LB Michael Rose-Ivey (Nebraska)

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