One of the Blackhawks Core Players is Likely to be Traded, But who is Safe?

Stan Bowman said big changes were coming and it looks like one may be on the way.

There has been a lot “smoke” surrounding the Chicago Blackhawks in the last 48 hours. There have been many rumors, including one that indicated that one of the four core players is being mentioned in trade talks and could be dealt in the near future.

Right away we can rule out two players. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are not going anywhere. They have been and continue to be very valuable to the organization. That leads us to believe that the players being thrown around in trade talks are Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook, or Artem Anisimov. We can probably eliminate Keith because he has been playing solid hockey consistently and has a solid contract. The player that stands out like a sore thumb is Brent Seabrook.

Seabrook’s contract is not team friendly. He has seven years remaining on an eight-year, $55 million contract.  He has also been on a slow decline the past two seasons. With that being said, I want to stress that I do not know for sure that it is, in fact, Seabrook being dangled on the market. 670 The Score’s Jay Zawaski does a great job of summarizing what exactly might be going on with the Blackhawks at this point in time.

The other player that is most likely to be dealt is center Artem Anisimov.

Anisimov has been great since coming to the Blackhawks in the Brandon Saad trade. He has filled the hole at the second-line center position. Many teams would have interest in both Anisimov and Seabrook. The problem with trading them is they both have no-trade clauses.

Scott Powers of the Athletic reported that neither player has been asked to waive their no-trade clauses which makes things even more interesting.

670 The Score’s Jay Zawaski does a great job of summarizing what exactly might be going on with the Blackhawks at this point in time.

Again, we know Toews is safe. We also know that this move may not help the Blackhawks in the short-term. It could just be a salary dump. Something like that could give Stan Bowman some wiggle room once free agency begins.

The last part of Zawaski’s points mentions that Marcus Kruger‘s days in Chicago are pretty much over. There were rumors today that a deal that would send Kruger to the Las Vegas Golden Knights was all but done.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but expect a Kruger deal to get done within in the next week.

There isn’t anything imminent at this point. It’s a waiting game. It’s not a matter of if a major trade happens, it’s a matter of when. Things are going to heat up quickly after the Stanley Cup Finals conclude. Make sure to follow The Loop Sports for all your Blackhawks news.



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