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Cubs: Miguel Montero Called Out Jake Arrieta After Loss To Nationals

The Chicago Cubs suffered another frustrating loss on Tuesday evening.

The Washington Nationals behind Max Scherzer ran all over the Cubs, literally. The Nationals stole seven bases in Tuesday’s game. Yes, you did read that correctly.

After the game, Miguel Montero wasn’t too happy about it.

Clearly, Montero was talking about Jake Arrieta, who didn’t have his best game on Tuesday. This isn’t the first time Montero has called people out in the Cubs clubhouse and it won’t be the last but was this the best thing to say after a frustrating loss? No.

Instead of expressing himself to the media, Montero should have spoken up to the entire team behind closed doors. It’s never a good thing when players throw each other under the bus, especially publically. We can agree that Montero was wrong for how he expressed himself. However, he is not wrong in saying that Arrieta is slow to the plate.

Trea Turner had this to say after the game without even knowing what Montero had said.

Opposing teams even know Arrieta has a problem. Again, Montero shouldn’t have spoken publically, but he isn’t 100 percent wrong.

Ever since Montero got mad at Joe Maddon in the World Series, things have been a little off with him. The two supposedly made up in Spring Training, but things aren’t looking too great right now. Montero can be right all he wants. As a veteran on a team that just won the World Series, you don’t throw players under the bus.

At this point, the Cubs have to be happy Montero’s contract is up at the end of 2017. Maybe, they’ll move him before the trade deadline, but that is unlikely at this point.



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  1. Hope this rips the Cubs’ clubhouse apart and sinks their season. Bunch of whiners can’t handle a little adversity.

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