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Bears: Monday Night Marks the Beginning of Newfound Hope in Chicago

Monday night marks the start of a new era when Mitch Trubisky makes his first start under center, it also marks the beginning of a newfound hope in Chicago.

For the majority of Chicago football fans, including myself, whose passion and loyalty for the Bears is unwavering, the recent path of negligence that this organization has forced us to endure has been a real punch in the gut. It pains me that I have fully come to the realization that the Chicago Bears organization is inconsistent, incomplete and underwhelming. There has been nothing to be excited about. Nada. Zip. It bothers me. Week after week, it bothers me.

After the first month of the 2017 season, the Bears find themselves in a position that is a bit too familiar. At 1-3, the Bears have a wins-loss record that may be slightly deceiving. By deceiving I mean that 1-3 may look better than how they’ve actually played. They currently sit dead-last in the NFC North division, where they have finished each of the previous three seasons. I firmly believe that I speak for most Bears fans when I say that almost everything that this franchise has attempted over the last few years has resulted in failure. 

Offensive miscues and defensive meltdowns are only half the story, as poor coaching and untimely injuries have plagued this team and prevented any type of forward progress. In a city that takes a great deal of pride in its championship culture, the Bears have rapidly fallen from that conversation into the depths of football shame and embarrassment.

However, on Monday Bears made a decision that fans have been virtually begging for since the very first drive of the very first preseason game. A decision that has the potential to be the start of a new chapter. The beginning of a new era has seemingly arrived.

Mitch Trubisky, the number two overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft will finally replace Mike Glennon.

Using the word “finally” to describe this quarterback change is fairly ironic because after all, Glennon only started four games for the Chicago Bears. But for emotionally invested fans who have had enough of underachievement, it seemed like an eternity. Watching a fifth year quarterback move around like he had concrete feet and a refrigerator on his back, while consistently making mistakes for 16 quarters was unbearable and many people, including myself, are surprised that he even lasted as long as he did.

Mitch Trubisky will make his first career start in prime-time this coming Monday night at historic Soldier Field against the division rival Minnesota Vikings, and it’s like freakin’ Christmas in October.

Now, it’s tough to say exactly how this Monday will turn out. Although the Bears do have 11 days of rest following last Thursday’s 35-14 loss in Green Bay, it’s nearly impossible to predict how the rookie out of North Carolina will respond to the moment. I will say this: if Trubisky’s preseason is any indication of what he is capable of in a regular season game, we may be in for a treat. Number 10 was able to complete 36 of 53 pass attempts for over 350 yards and 3 touchdowns while not throwing an interception. He was also able to add 48 yards on the ground to his impressive resume.

But let’s put aside the statistics, projections and all the other possibilities. The decision to bench Mike Glennon and to give Mitch Trubisky an opportunity goes beyond the X’s and O’s. On Monday night, Trubisky gets the opportunity to resurrect an organization that is undoubtedly in shambles. He gets a chance to do what Patrick Kane and Jonathon Toews have done for the Blackhawks since their draft nights. A chance to replicate what big names like Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Javier Baez were able to do for the Chicago Cubs as of late.

On Monday, Bears fans have the opportunity to be excited again. Chicago has something to look forward to. Enough shame, enough embarrassment, enough failure. It’s time to revive that winning culture. It’s Trubisky time.

Bear Down.


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  1. Mark my words, Monday night will be the start of the biggest transformation in Bears history. We’ve never had a truly great QB. (Sid Luckman? Don’t make me laugh. His career QB to INT ratio was 137-132. His completion pctg was barely over 51%. McMahon was better ( 100-90, with a 58% completion rate) but he was hurt every year, even in the SB year, to be considered truly great.

    Trubisky will be healthy, and more importantly, he will be great. We should be way more excited about him than we were about prior first round picks (McNown, Grossman), and he will represent the team well. He has no attitude problems and is inspirational.

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