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Live Blog: Bears vs. Vikings

Note: I will be updating this throughout the game. Typically, after each quarter.


Ready for the biggest Chicago Bears football game since the 2010 NFC Championship game? Me too. Tonight, a new era of Bears football begins with Mitchell Trubisky. 

Obviously, John Fox should have gone to Trubisky much sooner than he did. Ryan Pace and the entire front office deserve to be criticized for the Mike Glennon signing. I still don’t understand what they saw when watching his film. I’ve been against Glennon from the start. Listen, I’m sure he’s a great guy, but he is not a starting quarterback in the NFL.   

It looks like Sam Bradford will start, which scares me, but this scares me even more. 

Michael Floyd is a huge target that could really be a problem for the Bears weak secondary. Stefon Diggs will also benefit from Floyd being in the lineup. This is something to watch closely as the game goes on.

Let’s get a win for the kid!

First Quarter

Overall, a great quarter by the Bears defense. Two three and outs and a safety- yes please. John Fox on the other hand, not so much.

He has to be better than that. All the coaches for that matter have to be better. Maybe, getting the right offensive personal out there on 4th & 2 would help too.

As for Trubisky, good as advertised. Making plays outside of the pocket and making accurate throws. Sorry Mike Glennon, you’re not getting your job back anytime soon.

Second QuarterIf there’s one thing clear after watching that quarter, it’s that Trubisky has zero help and that includes the coaching staff.

The play calling has been downright awful. There have been way too many 3rd and longs….it’s hard for any QB to have success when put in a position like that.

Shout out to Leonard Floyd, who is coming up big. Two sacks already tonight. Yet, the defense was put in another bad position because of Charles Leno jr. Don’t tell me that was on Trubisky. He didn’t even see the guy coming.

The Bears should seriously consider hiring Jon Gruden at halftime.

3rd Quarter

Taking out Bradford was a smart move by the Vikings. Keenum has played well and the Bears defense looks bad and injured.

Just when you think you know John Fox he pulls off a fake punt.

In other news, the Bears defense is still bad so is this teams. The lack of weapons is really hurting the play calling and quarterback.


Nick is a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University and passionate about everything Chicago sports (except the Cubs). He has run his own website, been featured on Bleacher Report, and tried to sell his soul on eBay (which he hasn’t gotten back). He hopes to one day see his beloved Bears win the Super Bowl and is still trying to figure out why Jay Cutler gets so much hate.

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