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Fantasy Football: NFL Cheat Sheet Week 6

With all the injuries to major stars in the league, many owners are panicking because they don’t know who to replace the player with. Don’t worry I’ve got all the answers to your problems this week to give you a chance to compete going forward. Here is your week six season-long fantasy football cheat sheet. 


5. Kirk Cousins (Vs. San Francisco)

Following the bye week, he has a favorable matchup against the 49ers. Their 30th in total defense with no real playmakers in the secondary. The d line is actually pretty nice with Deforest Buckner and Arik Armstead leading the way. The best part of the 9ers defense is their LB core of All-Pro Navarro Bowman and rookie Reuben Foster. This defense will be good in a few more years of experience, but for now, I expect Cousins to slice them up. With all the weapons around him and the fact, nobody really knows what the Redskins are going to get from their backfield on a game to game basis I expect him to look like he did a few weeks ago against the Raiders.

Projection: 17-22 Points

4. Matthew Stafford (@New Orleans)

If I knew for sure he was healthy I would have him much higher on the list this week. After injuring his ankle and hamstring last week he is questionable heading into Sunday. With him practicing this week I think he will be good to go. Even though the Saints D has played well the past couple weeks I just can’t see such a terrible defense playing three good games in a row against a quarterback of Stafford’s Caliber.

Projection: 20-25 Points

3. Deshaun Watson (Vs. Cleveland)

Since taking over in Houston he has taken the league by storm in both real lives and in fantasy. I thought he was the best QB in the draft this year, but in no way shape or form did I think he would be this good in his rookie year. With some of the better players at his position out with a bye week, his constant progression each week, and his favorable matchup he has potential to be the number one QB this week with the highest floor. I also forgot to mention he has averaged 26.75 points since his first start in week 2.

Projection: 27-35 Points

2. Drew Brees (Vs. Detroit)

I think the bye week will serve him well and he will dominate this week against a pretty solid Lions defense. With the trade of Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals, it will provide more touches to both Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara which will give him some easy points with their ability to catch out of the backfield adding on top of his usual dominance in fantasy. I like The Lions defense, but it does have some glaring weaknesses with injuries along the d line and average linebacker play. The secondary is pretty solid with Darius Slay and Glover Quin shutting things down. That won’t matter this week with a guy of Brees caliber.

Projection: 25- 36 Points

1. Tom Brady (@The Jets)

Following a poor performance against the Bucs, last Thursday Brady should return to form against a better than average Jets team. I like the fight in this Jets team, but when you give 10 days to prepare for a guy like this then you throw in the fact he had a bad game a week prior it spells danger for your defense, especially when the defense can’t stop anyone forcing him to put up 30 on the scoreboard each week.

Prediction: 25- 38 Points

Running Back

5. Le’Veon Bell (@Kansas City)

Following a decent performance last week against a dominant defense in Jacksonville, I expect him to have an even better game this week. Even though the Chiefs are more stingy in the run game. The total defense is 29th in yards because they give up a lot of yards passing which is going to provide big ben a bounce back game not allowing the Chiefs to stack the box, combined with Bell’s amazing rushing ability, and catching the ball out of the backfield I see him having a great game.

Projection: 20-22 Points

4. Melvin Gordon (@Oakland)

It’s probably safe to say the 5th best back in fantasy coming off his best game of the season should be on the list. Especially when they are facing a bad Raiders defense. With no one who can tackle or guard him out of the backfield, he should have another great game in his young career. This Chargers team is really desperate after starting 1-4 so I see them getting the ball to their playmakers. Which means getting it to the biggest one in Gordon.

Projection: 20-25 Points

3. Leonard Fournette (Vs. The Rams)

I’m convinced after last weeks dismantling of the Steelers that Fournette is the second coming of AP providing he stays healthy. This week he will be facing a similar defense in terms of run coverage as last week. The secondary is better, but that doesn’t matter because no one in the league is preparing to face Blake Bortles anyways. After last week head coach Doug Marrone may just decide he won’t throw the ball at all in this game.

Potential: 23-28 Points

2. Lamar Miller (Vs. Cleveland)

Miller usually doesn’t get a lot of love in fantasy even though he is one of the better backs in the league. This week he has pretty much the best matchup in fantasy for the past decade-plus so he should have plenty of chances to score this week. This game should get out of hand early this week providing him, even more, touches than usual with the Texans looking to run out the clock. With his ability to run and catch he adds an extra dimension to this already explosive offense taking some of the slack of Deshaun Watson.

Projection: 22-30

1. Kareem Hunt (Vs. Pittsburgh)

Coming back down to earth a little bit the past two games I expect another impressive performance this week once again proving why he is the best back in the game this season. The Steelers have one of the better defenses in the league it just won’t matter the Chiefs are the best team in the league right now with Alex Smith playing career-best football taking  lot of slack off of Hunt and a defense that is great which provides so many touches especially in the second half when they are just trying to run out the clock.

Projection: 25-32 Points

Wide Receiver

5. T.Y. Hilton (@Tennessee)

With all the injuries at receiver and star receivers on a bye this week Hilton finally makes my list. I’ll admit I’ve underrated him this season and overrated him this season. Mainly because quarterback play is up and down with Andrew Luck out. This week will be different, however. The Titans have talent in the secondary, but it hasn’t shown up on the field with a bottom 7 ranked pass defense. If Mariota doesn’t play in this game there Colts will have extra possessions providing Hilton more points if the Titans start the Walking 3 and Out in Matt Cassel.

Projection: 16-22 Points

4. Alshon Jeffery (@Carolina)

While still adjusting to Philly he has played good not great, not really having that explosive 2 touchdowns 150-yard type game yet. Well, this week is as good a week as any early on in the schedule. Literally every game this year he has faced a dominant corner. Through 5 weeks the “Worst” corner he faced is Casey Hayward and the best he saw was Patrick Peterson, mixed in with Josh Norman, Marcus Peters, Etc. This week he faces a secondary that doesn’t put fear in a single receiver in the NFL so this has to be the game where Alshon plays like the dominant receiver from his Chicago days.

Projection: 18-25 Points

3. Antonio Brown (@Kansas City)

The best receiver in the league has a tough matchup against Marcus Peters this week which will slow him down a little. Which isn’t scary because he is so good a number three performance is considered an off game for him. I expect Big Ben to look for him early and often in this game which could provide him extra touches if it gets out of hand and they have to pass the ball to try and come back.

Projection: 20-27 Points

2. Julio Jones (Vs. Miami)

Banged up the first few weeks of the season the bye couldn’t have come at a better time for the star receiver. He will have a favorable matchup against a Miami team that has a good defense but a secondary that isn’t very talented. I expect Jones to put up his best performance of the season so far this week and once again prove why he is one of if not the best receiver in the game.

Projection: 25-30 Points

1. DeAndre Hopkins (Vs. Cleveland)

After the past two crazy performances, he proved he is back to the elite status he had a couple years ago. His connection with Deshaun Watson is evident that it is growing by the second which is scary based on the fact Hopkins has never played with a great QB and dominated for most of his career. This week against Cleveland he faces a secondary that has a little talent but now one who can go round for round with Hopkins. I expect his connection with Watson to continue to grow his another ridiculous performance.

Projection: 27-32 Points

Tight End

5. Delanie Walker (Vs. Indianapolis)

His stock has dropped a little Marcus Mariota out. That being said he should return back to form this week against a Colts team who has a defense that is improving, but that doesn’t matter because they have no one who can cover him and the fact that there are not a lot of good healthy options in the passing game so he will get his targets out of necessity for a solid pass catcher.

Projection: 10-15 Points

4. Kyle Rudolph (Vs. Green Bay)

Following a great week on Monday night I expect him to have another great game against a pretty good Packers defense. With the run game, a less of a threat with the loss of Dalvin Cook the Vikings will have to pass more which is going to give Rudolph more touches especially in the red zone. Look for whoever is starting at QB to get Rudolph at least one touchdown this week.

Projection: 10-20 Points

3. Zach Ertz (@Carolina)

The biggest surprise this season at the position has definitely been Ertz he is catching the ball at a ridiculous rate finally having that breakout year that many predicted would happen a couple years ago. This week on a short week in Carolina he faces a very favorable matchup against a great defense that doesn’t have a good secondary. With no one to cover him look for Wentz to get the ball to his favorite target a lot in this one.

Projection: 20-22 Points

2. Travis Kelce (Vs. Pittsburgh)

This one is risky he has a chance of missing the game this week after sustaining a concussion last week against Houston. He hasn’t been cleared to play yet, but there is still a chance he plays. The reason he is on the list with such a high chance he doesn’t play is if he does play he will ball out against a Steelers team that has a decent secondary, but no one in the league can guard this guy so it won’t matter.

Projection: 23-28 Points

Note: Check the injury report on Sunday

1. Rob Gronkowski (@The Jets)

Gronk just got cleared to play so he is an automatic number one at his position this week facing a Jets team that doesn’t have a very good secondary. With Brady looking to bounce back from last week I expect him to feed his favorite target the ball a lot this week providing him a lot of chances for touchdowns.

Projection: 25-32 Points


5. Golden Tate (@New Orleans)

Quietly having a top 25 season this year averaging 12.5 PPG I expect him to have one of his better performances this year against a Saints defense that is terrible and has no one who can cover an average receiver let alone a guy of Tates caliber. This game is going to be high scoring providing Tate, even more, targets than usual making him a must-start receiver this week.

Projection: 10-15 Points

4. Pierre Garcon (@Washington)

Garcon has been one of the better receivers in the league for a long time it just never gets recognized because he isn’t really flashy as a receiver. He just does what it takes to get the job done. Averaging over 13 PPG he clearly is getting the targets in an offense that has no real threats to take any away. With Josh Norman out I expect him to embarrass this Washington secondary.

Prediction: 15-20 Points

3. Chris Hogan (@The Jets)

As usual, the Patriots take a player who was decent somewhere else and help them reach their full potential. Hogan has dominated this year and it must not go unnoticed. Currently, the number 5 receiver in fantasy I expect that to come back down to earth this season which is why I have him in the flex just because he has such high bust potential to where if you start him at the 1 or even the 2 it could come back and bite you. This week against the Jets he should have a great game against a terrible secondary that will be focusing more on Gronk and Brandin Cooks.

Prediction: 10-25 Points

2. DeSean Jackson (@Arizona)

Since coming over to the Bucs in the offseason he has been his typical self. Great on the field but in fantasy very up and down. Last week he had his best game of the season against a very talented Patriots secondary. This week he faces a Cardinals defense that is really good but not great at the number 2 corner spot. With Mike Evans getting all the attention from Star Corner Patrick Peterson I expect Jackson to go off and make the bigger impact in this game.

Prediction: 20-27 Points

1. Will Fuller V (Vs. Cleveland)

Since coming back from injury he has made play after play averaging a ridiculous 2 touchdowns a game. With the dumpster fire that is The Browns coming to town this week I expect him to have his best game of the season so far. DeAndre Hopkins is going to receive all most of the attention from the defense providing Fuller fewer targets, but more chances for big plays.

Prediction: 25-28 Points

Defense/Special Teams

5.  Chiefs (Vs. Pittsburgh)

With the struggling Steelers coming to town this will be a good test for the Chiefs to see if they are smart enough to not slip up against a very talented struggling team. This team is the best in the league right now for a reason so I think they prove once again how great of a defense they are. They are going to give up yards but I don’t see them giving up many points and with the threat of Tyreek Hill always taking one back there is always that added little potential most teams don’t have.

Prediction: 8-15 points

4. Falcons (Vs. Miami)

Following the Bye I expect this Falcons team to trample the Dolphins. When you have Jay Cutler as your quarterback you’re pretty much guaranteed a pick or two plus so many unnecessary sacks which shouldn’t change this week. The Falcons are great across the board on defense which should bode well against a Dolphins team that has a lot of talent at receiver, but no one to get them the ball, and an underperforming Jay Ajayi. Jarvis Landry is always a threat to take a kick back so that’s always a positive.

Prediction: 12-16 Points

3. Ravens (Vs. Chicago)

With a rookie QB coming to town on a short week this could be a bloodbath. Trubisky played decently for his first start against a great defense. He also made critical mistakes and turned the ball over twice making typical rookie mistakes. I don’t expect that to change this week. The Ravens are pretty talented as a whole facing a team that not only has an inexperienced quarterback under center, but also no playmakers at the skill positions besides at running back. If Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen get going it could spell danger for the defense. I just don’t see that happening because I think the Ravens are going to stack the box and make Trubisky beat him by passing the ball which is going to guarantee turnovers.

Prediction: 15-18 Points

2. Broncos (Vs. The Giants)

With the Bye week providing the best defense in the league not only a chance to rest but also time to prepare for a team that’s not only over, but also is completely demoralized with everyone in their receiving core going down. I expect nothing but turnovers for with Eli trying to figure out his timing with the new guys catching the ball.

Prediction: 18-22 Points

1. Houston (Vs. Cleveland)

Even with the injuries to so key players such as Whitney Mercilus and J.J. Watt I expect this Texans D to just embarrass this Browns team that is changing quarterback again giving second-year man Kevin Hogan a chance to see what he can do after pulling the plug on Deshone Kizer for now. With Hogan making his first start for a team that is historically bad I don’t expect anything less than 4 turnovers for this offense.

Prediction: 20-28 Points


5. Matt Bryant (@Miami)

With the high flying offense of Atlanta heading to Miami to face a tough Dolphins defense, I expect the Falcons to be able to put up touchdowns providing extra points. I also expect the defense to make several stops forcing them to kick field goals as well providing more points than usual.

Prediction: 7-12 Points

4. Jake Elliot (@Carolina)

Since making the 61-yard game winner against The Giants he has become one of the best kickers in the league not missing a single attempt including both field goal attempts and extra points. With the Eagles facing a very tough defense I expect a lot of drives to stall out forcing around 5 field goal attempts.

Prediction: 8- 13 Points

3. Matt Prater (@New Orleans)

With the Lions facing this horrible Saints D I expect the Lions to score all over them. Providing a lot of extra points. Even when the Saints get a stop it will most likely be deep in their territory and if it’s not he has the leg to kick 60 yarders so all the offense has to do is basically get to midfield.

Prediction: 10-15 Points

2. Justin Tucker (Vs. Chicago)

Following the bounce back game I predicted last week I expect him to continue his great play against a team that has a defense that will get plenty of stops, but will give up a lot of yards which will provide a lot of field goals for Tucker providing him the chance to be the number one kicker this week.

Prediction: 12-20 Points

1. Stephen Gostkowski (@The Jets)

The number one Kicker in the league is nothing but consistent. Following another great performance, I expect nothing less against a Jets team that is decent defensively but won’t matter with Brady slicing them up providing plenty of field goal attempts and extra points.

Prediction: 15-22 Points


5. Evan Engram (@Denver)

I almost never start anyone against Denver. This week is the exception. The whole receiving core is injured so that leaves Engram as the only guy healthy who has even a little bit of a rhythm with Eli Manning. He is currently the number 9 tight end in the league also coincidentally averaging 9 PPG  so he has been productive so far early on in the season as the number 4 option on this team so imagine what he can do going forward. This defense is scary I just think he is going to get the targets, especially in the red zone.

Prediction: 7-10 Points

4. Trevor Siemian (Vs. The Giants)

The Bye was much needed for the quarterback who struggled in his past two games after playing so great the first two. The Giants are a mess right now and have taken a step back defensively. Providing plenty of chances to score and bounce back to form.

Prediction: 12-15 Points

3. Alvin Kamara (Vs. Detroit)

Since the trade of AP touches has to go somewhere. I think they will be split between both him and Ingram. With his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield against a defense that struggles to cover Running Backs and the Saints love of running two back sets I think Kamara is going to continue to thrive this week.

Prediction: 13-17 Points

2. Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster (@Kansas City)

For most people, this is the first time you’ve heard this guys name. He is a rookie who seems to be another gem the Steelers find in the late round of the draft. Averaging 8 PPG he isn’t a stud yet but he continues to flash potential every game. With Bryant underperforming so far and all the focus going to Antonio Brown I see him going under the radar this week and having a really good sneaky game putting him on the map of everyone in the fantasy world.

Prediction: 15-18 Points

1. Duke Johnson Jr. (@ Houston)

I bet you didn’t know the 7th best back in fantasy is Johnson averaging more than 15 PPG. Heading into Houston the Browns have very little talent on offense. With Johnsons ability to catch the ball he won’t be a bust for sure. Houston has a great defense but with the loss of Whitney Mercilus and J.J. Watt that will make an impact on the d lines ability to make stops against this guy.

Prediction: 16-22 Points


5. Ben Roethlisberger (@Kansas City)

Ben hasn’t played well all season. Yet people seem to keep thinking every week he is going to bounce back. I’m sure he will return to form soon. It just won’t is this week. Kansas City has one the best defenses in the league with a great pass rush and Marcus Peters in the secondary who is an absolute ball hawk. I expect the defense to force turnovers and keep the Ben ascension delayed or another week.

4. Jay Ajayi (@Atlanta)

Ajayi just can’t seem to get right this year. He has had the touches, but can’t seem to shake a knee injury that has plagued him all season so far. I think he will return to form soon similar to Roethlisberger it just won’t happen this week against a great defense that is going to stack the box and force Cutler to beat them passing. I think he will get the plenty of touches this week and has a chance to be relevant I just think his bust potential is very high.

3. Mike Evans (@Arizona)

The Cardinals have the best corner in the league in Patrick Peterson shadowing him so there is no chance he does anything this week. Even if Evans isn’t on him every play the Cards will put Tyran Mathieu on him so, either way, he is not having an impact this week.

2. Todd Gurley (@Jacksonville)

The Jags defense is terrible at stopping the run so far this season. I just see them putting things together this week and stopping Gurley. With all that talent I don’t see this defense allowing anything on offense this week. Not to mention I think the Jags are going to put a ton of points on the board rushing with Fournette so I think they have to pass the ball more than usual taking some touches from Gurley. If you have Gurley still start him because you never know the Jags could continue to play badly in the run.

1. Aaron Rodgers (@Minnesota)

He has been great all season especially last week when he torched the Cowboys. That being said recently against this great Vikings defense he has played his worst football. With the game in Minnesota, it makes it even harder for him to have a good game with the stadium being so loud which will cause some confusion at the line. The pass rush of the Vikings is phenomenal, their secondary is one of the best talent wise in the league, and they have possibly the best young linebacking cores in the league which tells me Rodgers is going to have his first bad game of the season.

Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Dallas, Seattle









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