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Bears: Ryan Pace, Not John Fox is Reason Mitch Trubisky Didn’t Play Sooner

I owe John Fox an apology. 

I and the rest of the NFL world thought it was Fox who was responsible for not benching Mike Glennon earlier. Well, it looks like we were wrong. According to a recent report by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sport, Fox actually wanted to play rookie MitchTrubisky much sooner. 

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will make his second start, and first on the road, Sunday at Baltimore, but the move could have come sooner. Sources said coach John Fox and his staff dabbled with the idea of going with Trubisky sooner, and in all likelihood would have made the switch weeks ago if not for the contract of backup quarterback Mike Glennon.

Mike Glennon’s big contract was the reason Fox could not promote Trubisky. Guess who signed Glennon to that contract? General manager Ryan Pace-he deserves all of the blame here. He is the one who gave at best, a backup quarterback, $18.5 million dollars.    

La Canfora also had this to say regarding Bears management.

Sources said that within the Bears facility it was understood that ownership and management, considering that investment and given Trubisky’s limited experience in college, were comfortable going with the veteran and in no hurry to see the change occur.

Pace and the entire front office botched their evaluation of Glennon. The fact they were under the impression that he could be a solid starting quarterback in the NFL concerns me.

Conservative John Fox     

Fox is known as a conservative head coach. However, he has never shied away from making a decision regarding the quarterback position. With the Denver Broncos, Fox benched veteran Kyle Orton and made Tim Tebow the starter. My guess is he was ready to name Trubisky the starter after the Tampa Bay or Pittsburgh game.

Unfortunately, Fox cannot get those games back that Glennon ruined. It’s encouraging that Fox wasn’t as tone deaf as we all thought. With that being said, I’m growing less confident in Ryan Pace’s ability as a general manager by the day. I still can’t wrap my head around the Glennon signing.   

PS- you’re safe, for now, John.


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