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Bears Show Their True Colors Against Lions, Lose 20-10

Remember last week when everything was going right for the Chicago Bears? Yea, that didn’t happen Saturday. The defense played a clean game for the most part, while the offense was back to their old run-run-passing ways. 

In Football, calculated risks have to be made, yet Bears head coach John Fox consistently shies away from them.  

The game changed for good when the Bears decided to the punt the ball on fourth and one at midfield. Again, Fox was shying away from a calculated risk that the numbers say would be the right move. Instead, Fox punted the football back to the Lions. On their drive, they took a risk that ended up paying off for them.  

Matthew Stafford threw a 58-yard jump ball to Marvin Jones, who came down with the catch. His risk paid off and it set up a Lions touchdown to give them a 13-0 lead. If you needed another reason for Fox to be fired you got just that on Saturday afternoon.

It was all Lions in the first half, who held the ball for almost 11 minutes in the first quarter. At the end of the first half, the Bears caught a break. Eddie Jackson forced a Theo Riddick fumble and the Bears were able to add a field goal at the end of the half to make it 13-3. 

Rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky didn’t have a good game on Saturday. He had two interceptions in the second half, including one on the first drive of the third quarter. The result was another Lions touchdown to give them a 20-3 lead. Later, Trubisky threw an interception in the back of the end zone. It was obvious the kid was trying to force some things downfield. Can you blame him? 

Yes, the Bears did have a great game last week, but it was against a team that was coming off a short week and plagued with injuries. This game was another sign that Trubisky and the rest of this team needs a good coaching staff who knows what they’re doing. In other words, everyone MUST GO. 

The Bears were able to add a garbage time touchdown, but it did nothing, but prolong the inevitable. In the end, it was another loss to an NFC North opponent. 


  • People may worry about Trubisky after this game, but he’s going to be fine. If anything his performance reflects that of his offensive coordinator. I’ll say it for the 100th time this season: the Bears need a new coaching staff. 
  • The defense is good, but not when they’re on the field for an entire half. That has been the story of the 2017 Bears. 
  • Lamarr Houston has shown some positive signs these last two games. I would keep him over Pernell McPhee at this point. I wouldn’t be opposed to signing him a free agent on a one-year deal. 
  • At this point, there isn’t a lot to say about this team. They have some solid pieces, but coaching in the NFL matters and the Bears don’t have the right people in that department at this point in time. 

Nick is a recent graduate of Northern Illinois University and passionate about everything Chicago sports (except the Cubs). He has run his own website, been featured on Bleacher Report, and tried to sell his soul on eBay (which he hasn’t gotten back). He hopes to one day see his beloved Bears win the Super Bowl and is still trying to figure out why Jay Cutler gets so much hate.

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