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White Sox: Sights and Sounds From Day Two of Full Squad Workouts

A handful of players battling for roles with the 2018 club shined on a chilly day of workouts in White Sox camp in Glendale.

GLENDALE, Ariz – It was a chilly morning today in Glendale but that didn’t stop the White Sox from getting a solid workout in. The day started out with some laughs, as Yolmer Sanchez arrived to the field laying down in the back of a cart. As he was passing by the players and fans (and with a big smile on his face), he waived his hands in the air saying hello and good morning to everyone. The format for the workout was the same as yesterday but there were a couple of players shifting to different positions during fielding drills.

Nicky Delmonico and Matt Davidson both played first-base during their infield drills. The drill for today’s workout was a rundown drill. The pitcher would attempt a pick off at first or second-base and the two infielders who were participating would throw the ball back-and-forth until they tagged the runner out. Throughout this drill, Davidson rotated between first and third-base while Nicky strictly stayed at first (he did not get any practice in the outfield today).

Both of them performed well during this drill and made no mistakes between throwing over to second-base, holding the runner close, and coming off the bag to get in the rundown. When the workout was finished, Delmonico stayed after to get some extra practice in at first-base. Joining him was Yolmer Sanchez and Tyler Saladino. The latter two took grounders and threw over to first-base. During the extra practice, Delmonico also fielded grounders and practiced throwing over to second-base. Aside from missing a few scoops, Nicky Delmonico had a pretty good day at first and his throws to second-base were on target.


Outfielders worked on their footwork throughout their drills. They took grounders and went through the motions of throwing to the bases. This was a pretty basic drill that all of the fielders were successful in. In the cage, one outfielder that has really stood out is prospect Ryan Cordell. His swing has looked good and he’s been turning on the ball. If there was a “Spring Training MVP” award given out (the same award that Jacob May would’ve won last year, so take it for what it’s worth), his name would definitely be in the running for it as of now.


Fellow outfielder Charlie Tilson looked quick on the base paths during base running drills today. Through all of the unfortunate injuries he’s had to deal with in his career, he looks like he hasn’t lost much speed and that was a nice sight to see. In the cage, Tilson had an average day. There were a few line drives that he connected on but he also hit quite a few balls in the dirt during his batting practice sessions. He still has an opportunity to earn the center field spot, we just have to hope he can stay healthy enough to continue to compete for it.

This team has a lot of chemistry and they have been fun to be around because of it. They are constantly joking around with each other throughout workouts, laughing, smiling, and having a good time. This same chemistry has been rubbing off on the coaches too, who are also joking around with the players. Even with all of the jokes and laughter that’s going on, the team is still having very productive workouts. The guys have the right mindset when its time to get to work and remain focused on improving their game.  


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