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White Sox: Sights and Sounds From Day Three of Full Squad Workouts

GLENDALE, Ariz – The team took the field today for their third day of full squad workouts. As it gets closer to the first game on Friday, the Chicago White Sox continued to focus on being well prepared. The sun was shining and balls were flying today at Camelback Ranch. 

One player that stood out for the entire duration of the workout was outfield prospect Luis Robert, and it wasn’t strictly because of his bat. He was a workhorse all throughout practice today. It started out when the players were warming up and playing catch. Luis had his throwing partner, Eloy Jimenez, throw him one and two-hoppers so Luis could work on his outfield footwork. Once these two started playing long distance catch, Luis was throwing the ball with velocity, just as he would in the outfield during a game.

Luis continued to work hard when the team broke off into positional drills. The outfielders formed two separate lines in center field and they practiced calling each other off as pop fly’s were hit to them. He took charge on majority of the fly balls today, even if they were slightly closer to the other outfielder paired with him. This shows how hard he is willing to work to be successful and to improve his game. There’s a lot of talented players out there who don’t have a good work ethic. Luis is a player that’s equipped with both. His talent will take him far but his work ethic will take him even farther in his career.

Of course, his swing looked great today too.

Robert, Jimenez, and Micker Adolfo have paired up as part of the same hitting group. These three have been the most entertaining group to watch by far, with each putting on a show in the cage. They’ve spent a lot of time together in camp, grown closer, and created a bond together. When Eloy was asked what these three envision when they’re out on the field together, he explained how they have a bigger vision than just making it to the majors together.

“Yes. Actually, when we [Luis Robert and Micker Adolfo] were taking BP, we were talking about that. Micker and Luis said ‘can you imagine if one day we had the opportunity to play together in the same outfield?’ We would have the opportunity to bring a championship to this team. I think that’s a dream for us and we’re going to try and work hard for that.”

It’s simple, Eloy gets it. This is the exact kind of mentality you want the next potential star of your team to have. Not only does he have a great mentality, but he’s building a bond with two other guys that could very likely be playing outfield with him at the major league level. Seeing them build this bond and work hard together has been special to watch. These three have recognized that they need to create chemistry together because they have a great opportunity to play alongside each other down the road and that shows a lot about their character. 

Unfortunately for this trio, Micker did not hit today. He was on the field and stood around the cages watching his teammates but did not get some swings in. Switch-hitting outfielder Leury Garcia took his spot in the group. Leury put together a couple of solid batting practice sessions from both sides of the plate, hitting for power and connecting on line drives.

The White Sox have a plethora of talented prospects with high character, especially in the outfield. Seeing them work hard and develop their game together throughout camp has been exciting. The fans feel the same excitement that the players have.

The spectator stands throughout Camelback Ranch were filled with smiles as the players went to work today. With the first game being only a few days away, both players and fans are eager to see what this team can accomplish throughout Spring Training. 


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