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Bears: NFL Combine Day 2 Review

We are already halfway through the NFL Scouting Combine, and we got to see some very great athletes today. While so many were paying the most attention to quarterbacks, I really zoned in on the wide receivers for obvious reasons. I still watched the quarterbacks and tight ends because I could see late round selections being made on those positions. Here is my review of my guys that I talked about in the preview (Can be seen here) and some other guys that really impressed me. 

Calvin Ridley, Wide Receiver, Alabama

Ridley has gotten mixed responses from scouts and the media. He did well at the 40-yard dash, as he ran about what I expected at a 4.43. While that was a decent time for him, I was surprised by the rest of his combine testing. He did especially poor in showing his jumping ability, as he finished dead last in the broad jump by jumping only 110 inches and tied for third worst in the vertical jump with a 31-inch jump.

This is not a great look for his athleticism, but combine numbers don’t tell the whole story of a player. For example, Jarvis Landry also broad jumped 110 inches and got a 28.5-inch vertical at the combine back in 2014. He ended up being quite a great player in the league, but it’s still not a great look for Ridley. 

Ridley also didn’t look great in the field drills. He really didn’t look that great on his breaks throughout, which is what he is supposed to be very good at. I also didn’t like watching him run the gauntlet drill, as he was making to many bodies catches. 

Ridley confirmed my thoughts that he is not worth a top ten pick today. I think he could be a decent player in the league, but it is hard to spend a top ten pick on a skinny 23-year-old wide receiver that doesn’t blow you away with his athleticism,

Courtland Sutton, Wide Receiver, SMU

Already one of the top receivers in this draft, Courtland Sutton improved it by a great deal more. He had a 40 time of 4.54 seconds, which for a 6’3″ 3/8 wide receiver that weighs 218 pounds, is pretty impressive. He also excelled in a few other drills. He finished in second for the three-cone drill with a 6.57 second time, which was a one hundredth away from first. He also finished second in the 60-yard shuttle with a time of 11.06. In the jumping drills, he had a 35.5 inch vertical and 124 inches in the broad jump, which were both very good numbers for him. 

I was really impressed with Sutton’s day during the field drills. He looked very smooth running his routes and showed that it won’t hamper him in the NFL. For his size of the receiver, he moved very well, which made sense judging by his drills. He looked like a natural pass catcher running the gauntlet, not using his body too much to make the catch. 

I have been a Courtland Sutton fan for a while now, and my hype on him just keeps on growing. In reference to his athletic ability, the tweet below proves how ridiculous of a day he had. 

Somehow it seems that Sutton is being underrated by the media, as not many were not talking about just how great of a day he had. I had a comparison of him to Dez Bryant going in, and I am keeping that comparison, I think he could become better than Dez in the league. I would be ecstatic if Chicago got a chance to draft him. 

Anthony Miller, Wide Receiver, Memphis

I was very disappointed to learn that Anthony Miller was not doing anything on Saturday, as he is still recovering from foot surgery. He did do well in what he could do, as he had his hands measured at ten inches Friday, some of the biggest out of all the wide receivers. He also put up 22 reps on the bench press Friday, second most from the wide receivers. A 5’11” receiver with 10-inch hands and that is that strong is pretty astonishing. While I was disappointed to see him not compete today, I am excited to see what he can do at his pro day. 

Michael Gallup, Wide Receiver, Colorado State

Gallup did about as well as I expected in all of his tests. He ran a decent 40 with a time of 4.51. I was not expecting him to have blistering speed or anything like that, so I felt pretty good about his day. He just had a solid day overall. He finished with average to above average numbers in all of his tests. 

Where Gallup really improved his draft stock today was the drills. Gallup ran some very smooth and clean routes. He does not need to have great speed to become a great player, he just has to be able to make quick enough moves to make up for it to beat defenders. He did a good job in the Gauntlet, making very clean catches throughout. 

If anything, Gallup slightly improved his draft stock. He joins a very crowded field of 2nd tier wide receivers in this draft class, so anything that he does that is positive was big for him. I would still like Chicago to pick him up if the value is there. 

Kyle Lauletta, Quarterback, Richmond

Lauletta had a decent job at the combine today. His numbers in the testing really didn’t matter too much, as he isn’t a scrambling quarterback or a pure pocket passer, and his 4.81 40 time shows that he can move when he needs to, but won’t be what teams are really worried about. 

Lauletta was not the main focus with all the top quarterbacks competing today, but he quietly put up a good performance. His arm mechanics looked good like we witnessed at the Senior Bowl. He did not blow too many people away with his arm talent but did not scare anyone off.

The combine really didn’t change much for Lauletta’s value. I still like him as a guy to backup Trubisky if we decide to not bring in a good free agent backup. 

Ryan Izzo, Tight End, Florida State

Ryan Izzo didn’t have a great day at the combine, but that was to be expected. He ran the worst 40 time out of the tight ends who ran, running a 4.94. He didn’t do well in the rest of the tests either, but again, he is a blocking tight end, athleticism is not what he is there for. 

The drills again were not expected to be good and they weren’t. He’s a bit sluggish for a tight end, but that was to be expected.

I was hoping that maybe Izzo would come out and surprise me, but he didn’t. Still, for Chicago, a blocking tight end could be a good selection. I would look around at other candidates, but he is someone Chicago should look at. 


It was a tale of two DJ’s when talking about who surprised me, and they were D.J. Chark and D.J. Moore. Both of them really impressed me today in both the testing and on the field. 

I was already impressed with D.J. Chark from his great Senior Bowl performance, but I remained a bit skeptical because of his poor stats at LSU. Those skepticisms went away when he ran the fastest 40 time for the wide receiving group today! He ran a speedy 4.34, something I did not expect. He also had the best vertical, jumping 40 inches! During the drills, he looked very smooth, like he did at the senior bowl. His draft stock has been skyrocketing since the end of the regular season, and it will be interesting to find out where it lands him in April.

D.J. Moore out of Maryland has been a player that many have been saying that many have been saying needs to be higher in peoples mock draft, and I saw why today. He may not have had the fastest 40, but he did have the best broad jump by jumping a whopping 132 inches. He finished just behind Chark in the vertical, getting 39.5 inches on it. Like Chark, he impressed many with his skills during the drills. Both of these guys raised their draft stock today.

We will have a preview and a review for each day of the combine, so remember to check back in with The Loop Sports the rest of Combine Weekend. 


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