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Bears Expected to Sign TE Trey Burton

After signing landing Allen Robinson overnight, Ryan Pace continued to add weapons to the passing game with the Trey Burton deal.

The Chicago Bears needed a new weapon to add to the new Matt Nagy offense, so why not add it from another Andy Reid disciple’s offense in Doug Peterson. Ryan Pace is expected to sign Trey Burton to a four year deal for $32 million. The Bears added Burton to help give them a two-headed monster at the tight end position.
Burton is going to be missed in Philadelphia. While the Eagles had plenty of weapons, including our former wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, he still made an impact for them. He ended up hauling in five touchdowns for the Eagles and was a guy that the offense could count on. He has proven before that he is nimble, and could make some big plays with his speed. If we ever need an extra arm, we saw Trey Burton throw the “Philly Special” touchdown in the Super Bowl this past season.
As we have already heard from Jack Soble’s fantastic report on Burton before the signing (Seen here), he is not your prototypical tight end. We are most likely going to see Burton in a role where he is a stand up wide receiver that will line up in both the slot and on the outside. Ryan Pace did not sign Burton to be a blocking tight end, but to give Mitch Trubisky a new big target. He will be a great target when we need a completion, as he has proven to come up big when the team needs him the most. Chicago didn’t have that last year.
Chicago needs as much help as it can get in the receiving game, so I am expecting him to make a great impact on this new Matt Nagy offense. Some Eagles fans believe that Burton was underutilized in Philadelphia, and it makes sense with how many weapons that they had, but that will end up benefitting us. His stats may not blow you away, but this was a great signing for Ryan Pace, and I am excited to see him once training camp starts in July.


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