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Notes from a White Sox Fan at a Dodgers Spring Training Game

Some of the guys from The Loop Sports took in a Dodgers game at Camelback Ranch on Wednesday as fans, and our David Wildman has a few notes from his experience.

Today I had the honor of attending a Dodgers vs Rockies spring training game as a partial third party. What I found was beyond my wildest dreams. What a wild time those Dodgers fans are. They make White Sox fans look mild. So without further ado, here are my observations as a White Sox fan at a Dodgers game.

First off, beer prices at Camelback ranch are ridiculous. I ate dinner before the game to avoid paying for food at the game. What I found, was that I was not going to find any drink in the stadium for less than $10 dollars. That’s ridiculous! I’m paying to watch two teams trot out players that have no shot at the major league roster, why should I have to pay $10 dollars for a cheap domestic beer? Big L for Camelback Ranch.

Once I got over the initial shock of paying $13 dollars for a palatable beer, the game it’s self was very enjoyable. I was treated to watching the Dodgers starters, Yasiel Puig, Cody Bellinger and all. I also got to see Jon Gray, the young pitcher whom the Rockies are counting on to be an ace. The weather was also very nice. Arizona feels less like a total dessert at night. The Dodgers won 11-6 in a very entertaining game. Not to mention it was basically a sellout. Good for you Dodger fans, you guys lost the world series, but still make the trek to Arizona to watch your team train.

Lets talk Dodgers prospects. We were treated to a showing of multiple prospects. Namely Kyle Farmer and Alex Verdugo. I was most impressed with Kyle Farmer. Farmer displayed a good command of the young Dodgers bullpen arms in the bullpen. Working with them and providing them with feedback after every pitch. Kyle Farmer also belted a deep, deep home run. Although apparently a talented baseball player, he is lacking socially. Despite us repeatedly telling him we were founders of his fan club, Kyle Farmer did not respond to our requests for interview.

What about the Sox ties to the Dodgers? We were treated to appearances from Trayce Thompson and Jake Peter. Trayce told us he “misses us” (the South Side) while Jake Peter declined comment. (both interviews were conducted while the players were in the on deck circle). Trayce Thompson also told us we were going to be very good in a couple years. Our interaction with Trayce was very positive.

All in all, it was a very good experience at Camelback Ranch. The players are for the most part friendly and sociable (why do you hate us Kyle Farmer) The Dodgers won the game, deserving. After overcoming the price of concessions ($6 dollars for a churro) all of us had a very good time. Here’s to hoping that the Dodgers experience more consistent success in the future. Based on the fans we met tonight, they deserve it.

P.S. We asked Alex Verdugo if he would like to play for the Sox, being a top prospect and all he should be. He laughed, in what we can only assume was his confirmation that he would like to play for the Sox. We also asked Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp if they would like to be the latest washed-up former super stars to grace the South Side. Given that the interview was conducted while we were in the bleachers and they were playing in the field, they declined to comment.


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