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Bears: Complete Seven Round Mock Draft 2.0

Less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft, the picture for the Bears is becoming clearer with free-agency wrapped up. Today we check in with round two of our seven round mock draft.

We are less than two weeks away from the NFL Draft, and mock drafts are going to be more and more accurate with holes being filled.

General manager Ryan Pace is full of surprises, especially when draft day comes around. You really have no idea what he is going to do. With Pace, I expect the unexpected, so I have gotten used to it at this point. This means in mock drafts, you have to think like Pace does, which isn’t always easy.

I really enjoy all of the guys that I put in this specific mock draft, and I believe that it’s rather accurate to the way that Ryan Pace thinks.

Round 1: Pick No. 8

Quenton Nelson – G – “Notre Dame

Ryan Pace has proven to be unpredictable in his drafts, but this year I believe that he will have to be predictable with this one if a certain offensive lineman is there. Quenton Nelson is possibly the best player in this entire draft, as he is just an absolute mauler at offensive guard. Some have said that teams should experiment and try to make him a tackle, but why try to fix what’s not broken?

Normally watching offensive line film isn’t that entertaining, but watching Nelson’s film is an absolute joy. His highlight reel is over 13 minutes long, and it’s a legitimate highlight reel because all of those plays on there are all actual highlights. I don’t think I have seen a highlight reel that good for a lineman’s whole career, and this is for just one season!

The way that he dominates every single game is just so much fun to review. He really is just a bully to defenders. The way that he can push guys around with ease, while also being athletic enough to go out and make a big block either on a pull or climbing to get a linebacker, is just incredible. One thing that he shows that not many do is just how intelligent he is to what is going on around him.

That is one of the many reasons I love Nelson. He shows every single thing that you want out of a guard, and that is why he is viewed as a top-10 draft pick even with his position. Some believe that a top-10 pick is too high for a guard, but when you can draft a guy who can possibly be one of the best at their position in year one, you have to consider picking them. With the Bears need for a guard to protect it’s the greatest asset in Trubisky, and the relationship with Harry Hiestand being his former offensive line coach, I think he will be the pick if available.

If he is gone, then I see the Bears picking Tremaine Edmunds, like James Fox suggested in his mock draft last week. A trade back is also a big possibility, as it may make sense to attempt to acquire more picks on day two to shore up more needs.


You can check out a more in-depth report on Nelson from our very own Nick Petrusevski here.

Round 2: Pick No. 39

Arden Key – €“EDGE – €“LSU

Pace gets much riskier with this selection than his first, and selects Arden Key. Key would give Chicago the opportunity to get possibly the best — yes, the best —  edge rusher in this draft. Key was considered a top-five selection after his absolutely dominant sophomore season, after racking up 11 sacks for the Tigers, but a lackluster 2017 dropped his value.

When Key is at his best, he is possibly the best in the draft. He has that elite bend that caused us to take Leonard Floyd two drafts ago. He can beat guys on the inside and outside, making him very versatile. He really is one of the most well-rounded edge guys in this draft when he is playing at his best. Below is what Key looks like when he is playing at 100 percent.

Many are concerned about what has happened in 2017. If you are not aware, Key had a down year this past season, he left the team in the spring for unknown reasons, and he gained a ton of weight while gone. We really don’t know the reason why, but he said at his pro day that he is being honest with the teams, but does not want to tell the public yet. The Bears had a meeting with him, so Pace knows what really happened.

Even with his down 2017, you can tell that throughout the season that he was getting much better. From the beginning to the end of the season, he lost a considerable about of weight and looked like his old self. If he can return to that form, I think Pace would kill to have that kind of player. Leonard Floyd on one side, Key on the other. Sign me up.


You can follow the link to the right to get a more in-depth scouting report on Arden Key by yours truly.

Round 4: Pick No. 105

Simmie Cobbs Jr. – WR – €“Indiana

With such a loaded wide receiver class, I think Chicago could end up getting a steal in Simmie Cobbs Jr. I remember seeing him for the first time earlier this season against Ohio State, and I remember him being the reason that Indiana stayed in that game. He ended the game with 11 receptions for 149 yards and a touchdown against a stacked Ohio State defensive back group.

Cobbs will be able to come in and be a great big play threat on the other side of Allen Robinson. Cobbs made some of the coolest catches in all of college football. I was amazed by all the big-time plays that he could make and fantasized about what he can do for the new offense.

With the loss of Cameron Meredith, Chicago will very likely be looking for someone to replace him. I think Cobbs could be a perfect player to have because of his size and ability to make crazy good catches. If the Bears got to take him in the fourth, Trubisky will have plenty of guys that can make plays for him, a big difference from the horrid offense that they had had last year.


Round 4: Pick No. 115

Brandon Parker – €“OT – North Carolina A&T

Pace loves his small school guys, and we take a guy that blocked for our very own Tarik Cohen in college. Parker is a big-time tackle with very long arms and shows a decent amount of athleticism. As a four year starter, he got consistent playing time and showed improvement throughout his college career.

When I say he is big, I mean big. The man is 6’8,” making him one of the biggest guys in this draft. While his kick slide could use some work, his athleticism makes up for it at the moment. He definitely also needs to work on how to use his long arms more effectively. He does not do a great job with his punch, but if he adds that to his game, it could make him great.

I’m sure Tarik Cohen is pounding the table for Parker, knowing that they were both teammates, and the pick makes sense for Chicago. Pace loves his athletic freaks, which is why he took Cohen last year. I think Pace makes it two years in a row selecting a guy from North Carolina A&T, and we get a tackle that can sit behind Leno Jr. this season, and end up becoming a great tackle in the future.


Round 5: Pick No. 145

Leon Jacobs – €“Edge – Wisconsin

Some people say you can’t have enough edge rushers, and I couldn’t agree more. I have been all about Leon Jacobs and had him in my first mock draft as well. I watched most of his games this past season, and you could tell he is a nightmare to defend, he is just an absolutely jacked individual.

While many watching were paying attention to Shaqueem Griffin’s 40-time (well deserved), I was going nuts about Leon Jacobs running a 4.48 at the combine. That is an absolutely insane time for a man that large. With his size and strength combination, he could prove to be a nightmare one day if he can improve his instincts. Until then, he should be a special teams ace, and still, make an impact at the edge position in the rotation.


Round 6: Pick No. 181

Braxton Berrios – WR €- Miami

A second wide receiver being selected is in the cards for the Bears, so I decided to go with the guy who lined up across from Leon Jacobs at the Orange Bowl in Braxton Berrios. He can do a lot out of the slot position, as he makes some nasty cuts. He also adds to his game the ability to make plays after the catch, something that is always welcome in the Matt Nagy offense.

He was a leader on this football team that guys followed, probably why he was captain for the return of “The U.” Berrios proved this season that he is not afraid to go across the middle and put his body on the line, something that is very tough to do with guys so much bigger than him preying down on them. It’s part of the reason why I love Tarik Cohen, he is not afraid of a single guy on that football field, something all players respect.

In the sixth round, it’s worth it to take a shot on another wide receiver because of all of the talent in this draft. In other drafts, Berrios would be taken higher, but he could fall to Chicago late.


Round 7: Pick No. 224

Michael Joseph -€“ CB€“ – Dubuque

I must put a fellow Division III player in my mock draft. I have been following him since the beginning of this draft process because his story is incredible. He never started a game in high school, but somehow ended up being a guy that might get selected in the NFL Draft. He is a project, that’s for sure, however, he has overcome the odds many times before, and I believe he could do it again.

Now I am not just saying draft this guy because he is a good story, I think he could develop into a quality football player. While he is honing his skills as a cornerback, he could become a great special teams guy, something very undervalued by fans. In the 7th round, if we draft a good special teams guy, I am happy with it, so I think we could see the kid with the unbelievable story finish up in Chicago.


If you have any questions or comments on this, please comment below! Keep it here at The Loop Sports for all your draft coverage.

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Feature Photo Credit: University of Notre Dame Athletics


18 comments on “Bears: Complete Seven Round Mock Draft 2.0

  1. Andre Merrill

    Round # 2 yes, but no way we pass on Roquan Smith. Pace is hush hush on his picks, look at the last 2 drafts. Nelson won’t be around and we got our offense squared away before the draft. Defense is already top 10. Its time to get players so we can completely dominate.

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading Andre!
      I like Roquan but I am personally more of a fan of Edmunds if Nelson is gone. I believe that he fit’s more with what Pace is attempting to build on defense. I think with a small trade back we would be much more likely to select Roquan, as the value could make more sense.

    • Defense is not top 10 right now!

      • David Choi

        False! The Bears defense Is definitely top ten.

  2. This is a solid mock for the bears and I would be very happy with this. Only thing its missing is a depth guy on DL. Maybe a 6th round DL instead of a second reciever given the recent signing of Fowler. I don’t mind doubling down on OLB, we do need some depth at ILB but that can be had in the form of UDFA.

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading!
      I could see see us picking a defensive lineman with that 6th round pick if Pace found someone that he likes. I selected Berrios because I really like the value of wide receivers in the mid to late rounds of the draft this year.

  3. Brittan Hudgens

    I really like Isaiah Oliver in round 2. Amazing arm length and good man coverage guy.

  4. Kristopher Davis

    Edmunds over smith. Nelson will probably be gone. I agree we gotta take him if he’s there tho. I like Sweat out of Florida State over Key. 4th round we go cb and we.

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading Kristopher!
      I have to agree with you on the topic of Edmunds. I feel he is better suited for this defense. I don’t dislike Sweat but I think Key has higher potential, plus I think Key could make more of an impact right away. Chicago could end up being in a good position to select an edge rusher in the second.

  5. Nathaniel Wallace

    Not bad. I like rolling the dice on Key 2nd rnd. If Nelson is gone..I would have no problem with Vita Vea at 8. Maybe one of the most underrated players in the draft. Imagine Vea opposite Akiem Hicks, with Goldman in the middle of our base 3/4? Or…this is evil..Nelson falls to Bears at 8…and then trade back into 1st rnd to draft Vea..? No second day picks, but…

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading Nathaniel!
      I really do like Vea as a prospect but I am not sure if the value is there to attempt to get him. I cannot deny the talent that he displays though, as he could be great in the right system and position.

  6. Beardown55

    Really not sold on Roquan Smith to the Bears. Great sideline to sideline but won’t be able to go up against any lineman. He tries to avoid them rather than engaging and stacking to get to the ball carrier. Major liability and the run defense at time was atrocious last year

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading!
      I am not as sold on Smith as others as well. I tend to like Edmunds more as a prospect, but I do see the arguments that others have for Smith. Things will get very interesting for Chicago if Nelson isn’t available.

  7. Steve Nudo

    I would say we could go deep into the playoffs with Quenton Nelson and the rest of your drafted players. Could you imagine how fired up the veteran OLmen would be if that happened. Long became the best lineman as a rookie as would Nelson. Keeping the defense off the field, with a dominant OL and Mitch /RPO. Would make the D dominate with new additions Key and Jacobs. WR that contribute at 4th and 7th round is essential to be able to draft more pressing areas early. Set Jordan free with a line led by rookie MVP Quenton Nelson.

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading Steve!
      I agree with you that adding him to our offense could change the entire team in so many ways. I think this mock draft would help Chicago became a very different team from last year in many ways.I couldn’t wait to see what Howard’s numbers would be behind Nelson and the rest of that interior line. Also I’m glad you agree on my edge rusher selections, I think they perfectly fit what Pace is trying to build.

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  9. Nathaniel Wallace

    Check it out: 1.#8, Quenton Nelson, G-ND, 2.#39, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, OLB-OK, 4.#105, Nathan Shepard, DL-?, 4.#115, Leon Jacobs, EDGE-WI, 5.#145, Alex Cappa, OT- Humboldt St., 6.#181, Tyler Apke, S- Penn St., 7.#224, Michael Joseph, CB- Dubuque…comments?

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