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Hometown WR Simmie Cobbs Jr. is an Intriguing Option for the Bears

Many fans are upset over losing WR Cam Meredith, but I'm sure that general manager Ryan Pace has a plan to replace him besides relying on Kevin White. The Bears still have plenty of holes, so it's difficult to use a top pick on a wide receiver. The good news is that this is a very deep class of receivers.

Many fans are upset over losing hometown wide-out, Cameron Meredith, but I’m sure that general manager Ryan Pace has a plan to replace him besides relying on Kevin White.

The Bears still have plenty of holes, so it’s difficult to use a top pick on a wide receiver. The good news is that this is a very deep class of receivers. While this draft isn’t great for drafting a number one receiver, it is a fantastic draft for selecting a number two receiver because there are many options, including another hometown talent, Simmie Cobbs Jr.

Name: Simmie Cobbs Jr.

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Indiana

Size: 6’3,” 220 LBS


He’s one of the best end zone threats in this draft

When you turn on film of Cobbs, there is one thing that he does better than the rest, go up and get it. He is absolutely filthy when he is thrown a jump ball because he uses his body so well to make the catch. A receiver has to be smart to get the right positioning to the high point, and he does a great job at that. He can also contort his body around so that he can make the huge play.

Played extremely well against top competition

While Indiana is not a top school in college football, they play in the tough Big Ten conference, home of possibly the first two cornerbacks chosen in the NFL Draft (Ohio State’s Denzel Ward and Iowa’s Josh Jackson).

Speaking of Ward, the first time that we saw Cobbs this season was when he took over against Ohio State. He was the star of the game, something you don’t see often with so many stars on the Ohio State team. He ended the game with 11 catches for 149 yards and a touchdown. He was the reason that Indiana stayed in that football game.

He showed a sneaky athleticism

One of the biggest things that scouts worry about with Cobbs is his speed, which is not great, but he has shown athleticism to make plays after catches during the season. It is tough for a guy of his size to be able to make moves on defenders in general, so when a guy like him can’t, I really don’t worry. However, when they can, it is an unbelievable thing to watch.

Has the ability to make ridiculous catches

When you watch Cobbs’ film, you see his touchdowns, and they “WOW” you. At Indiana, he was making some of the best catches in college football but was not given a ton of coverage with it because of being at Indiana. When you do see him, however, you see him making some of the craziest one-handed catches you will see from NFL Draft prospects.

Cobbs’ Madden “Spectacular Catch” rating, probably a 99.

Can make the big block

Just because you are a big receiver, doesn’t mean you are a good blocker. The receiver needs to have a mentality to make a play for the ball carrier when needed, and he would do that at Indiana. Being able to block is such an underrated part of being a receiver, so I think it’s a big deal when a guy tries and succeed to help.


Does not have good top end speed

Cobbs’ game is all about winning in the-one on-one battles. The problem is when he makes those routes, he is forced to make a one-on-one play because of not being able to make separation on the fade. This just opens up more opportunities for a cornerback to make a play. He ended up running a 4.68 at the NFL Combine, which is pretty low on the list of receivers. While the 40-yard dash is sometimes looked at too heavily, you cannot ignore that slow time.

He possesses inconsistent hands

Yes, he made some of the biggest catches in all of college football, but he also had some terrible drops. He ended his career by dropping 11.4 percent of his passes. This could be a product of not being able to get fully opened because of his lack of speed, but he still has too much trouble with simple catches. Also, he goes for one handed catches a bit too often, because while they look really cool, all NFL GM’s would rather see the catch be made.

Needs to break out of cuts quicker

While he does show athleticism by making guys miss after the catch, he struggles on getting out on a break. He doesn’t show the explosiveness that you want in a wide receiver. He struggled with this a bit in college, but it could prove to be a bigger problem in the league.


With the departure of Meredith, a new number two receiver needs to emerge. While Kevin White may grow into that role, Chicago cannot stick with just him after all of his injury issues.

Chicago really needs to consider taking a wide receiver in this draft, and I think Cobbs could be one to consider. The problem with Cobbs and many that I have discussed is, he is a part of that second tier of wide receivers. There are many in this group, but where they go is tough to gauge. I have seen Cobbs all over the place.

A little fun fact to keep in mind about Cobbs is that he is from Oak Park, IL. I considered putting in the strengths section that he already has a Bears tattoo, but I’ll keep that down here. I really like the guy, and I’m sure he would like it here too. I would be thrilled to get a guy like him on the team.

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2 comments on “Hometown WR Simmie Cobbs Jr. is an Intriguing Option for the Bears

  1. Please look up Allen Lazard. He’s 2 inches taller, ran a much faster 40 time, and has some of the best hands I’ve ever seen (look up his OK State and Liberty Bowl TD’s from this season) this guy is Mike Evans 2.0 but no one talks about him because he is from Iowa State and has 7 different starting QB’s

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading Nick!
      I think both are very similar prospects. I do believe that Cobbs.Jr.fits the system better though, but I do like Lazard as a prospect and would not be disappointed if we selected him.

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