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Chicago Fire Defeat Montreal on Late Kevin Ellis Goal

The Men in Red notched a much-needed victory against Montreal on the strength of a late goal by Kevin Ellis on Wednesday evening.

Chicago soccer had a big day today. With all the attention on the new USL Franchise starting downtown, the Fire had a game that was big for momentum. The Fire really needed a win to get themselves back on track, and so they cannot fall far in the standings.

The first half resulted in some goal scoring chances, but nothing that was too dramatic. The good news is the Fire dominated in possession because they ended up having 70 percent of the possession in the first half, and the defense did a great job not really allowing many goal scoring opportunities.

The second half had plenty of surprises in store. I was surprised from the start to see Elliott Collier be subbed in for Alan Gordon. I would much rather see Gordon come in later in the game, as he has proved over his career that he is better in the clutch. Collier has not impressed me recently, but I’d still rather see him start the game. I also did not like the sub of taking out Niko in favor of Campos. We saw Collier move up into the striker spot, and I really was not a fan of having him try and be our late game savior.

Katai should have gotten a goal in this one. He was called for a foul, which I really did not see, and the referee blew the whistle just as he shot, and the ball should have been in the back of the net. I did not seem like a goal at all at that point. I thought it was a very poor call.

After that chance, I thought that there was no way the Fire were going to score. Kevin Ellis had something to say about that though. While it was a lucky deflection, Ellis was given the goal, and he is the hero in this one.

This ended up being the only goal of the night. The Fire really played some solid defense, and not even the late appearance of former Chicago Fire player Dominic Oduro could poach one in. I really liked how our defense played, but the offense is still scaring me. Our attack is just very poor at this point.

One guy that I want to point out after this one was Mo Adams. The guy really was all over the place in this one and was probably the best player on the pitch for us. He is really growing as one of my favorite players on the team, as he really is a workhorse. The more experience that he gets, the better player that he will end up being.

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