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NHL Playoffs 2018: Best of Second Round

The second round of the 2018 NHL playoffs are over and here are the best moments.

There is nothing like the NHL playoffs. Best playoffs in all of sports, in my opinion. The crowd and intensity are unmatched. This year’s postseason was no different. Now, that the second round is officially over, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable moments.

Close Call

Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Ellis almost got his face cut off by a skate. No, seriously. In the third period, Ellis caught a skate up high and did his best to avoid the blade. Though Ellis was cute pretty badly under his eye, he avoided any serious injury.

Hockey players are tough, and that’s why Ellis made a quick exit to the locker room to get stitched up, then returned to play in the rest of the third period. Talk about a close call.

Brad Marchand, and His Licking

The NHL reportedly told Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand to stop licking people after his first round antics against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It appears he doesn’t care what the NHL has to say.

Opposing fans got in on the fun.


Goalie Interference?

In game two of the Golden Knights-San Jose Sharks series, there was a controversial call on the ice that had a major impact on the series. The Knights thought they had won the game in overtime. However, the play was reviewed because it looked like goalie Martin Jones was interfered with. To me, it was goalie interference…I could be wrong though. Take a look for yourself below.

The Sharks defenseman clearly did not push the Knights skater into the crease, which means the Knights player did it on his own. The Sharks would go on to win the game in OT.

There is no doubt that this was a tough call, especially because the officials have to review the play on iPads on the bench in a loud stadium. Not an ideal system if you ask me.

Paddle Save

It’s hard to win in the playoffs without a little luck. Penguins goalie Matt Murray had luck on his side when robbed Alexander Ovechkin of a goal by making a save with the paddle of his stick.

Luck, skill, whatever you want to call it, either way, it was impressive. I guess that’s why Murray has won back-to-back cups.

Titans Offensive Line and Marcus Mariota

Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota took his entire offensive line to a Predators playoff game as a way of saying thank you for protecting me all season. The OL thanked Mariota by going absolutely crazy before the start of the game, which included chugging beers out of a dead catfish. No, seriously, a dead catfish.

Talk about having a good time.

Preds Honor James Shaw Jr.

Prior to game two, the Preds honored James Shaw Jr., the man who the man who helped stop Nashville Waffle House shooting. Shaw was able to wrestle the gun away from the shooter, and if he didn’t more people could have lost their lives. Four people were killed in the shooting.

Shaw, 29, didn’t stop there. He was able to raise over $160,000 on GoFundMe for the victims and their families of the shooting. The Preds treated him like a king, which was well deserved considering all he has done for the Nashville community.


What a good boy. That is all.

Tom Wilson is a Thug

For the most part, the NHL has done a great job of eliminating dirty players and hits from the league. However, there are still a few players out there that just don’t get it. One of those players is the Capitals’ Tom Wilson.

Wilson had not one, but two dirty hits against the Penguins in the second round.

Somehow, Wilson was not disciplined for the hit above. He was suspended three games for the hit you will see below.

On that hit, Wilson broke the jaw of Zach Aston-Reese. Wilson got what he deserved and hopefully, he will wake up after his suspension.

Caps Year

The Washington Capitals always seem to choke when it matters most. Most thought the 2018 postseason would be no different. Those people would be wrong (for now). The Capitals eliminated the defending Stanley Cup champions in six games en route to their first conference finals appearance in 19 years.

It will be the first time Alexander Ovechkin will get to play in the conference finals, which is crazy given all he has accomplished in his career. It was a moment that Capitals fans will never forget. Finally, they have gotten the monkey off their back in the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Sidenote- Marc Andre Fleury has to feel great now, right? I mean seeing the team that let you go lose in the second round while you’re leading an expansion team on an improbable run the WCFs. Don’t get me wrong, the Penguins made the right move by keeping Matt Murray, but it’s hard not to feel good for Fleury here.

Game 7

We only had one game seven in the second round of the playoffs between the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets. This was my favorite series so far in this year’s postseason. On one side you have the young Jets, who have the fastest team next to the Golden Knight in professional hockey. On the other side, you have the Preds, who play a slow game behind their highly skilled defense.

The young Jets came out strong, scoring two quick goals on Pekka Rinne, who was surprisingly pulled. After seeing both goals he let up, maybe it wasn’t that surprising that he was pulled.


It was P.K. Subban who got the Preds right back in the game with his fourth powerplay goal of the series.

Mark Scheifele made it 3-1 Jets in the second period. In the third period on their first powerplay of the game, the Jets were able to extend the lead to 4-1. It was Paul Stastny who scored his second goal of the game. He now has four career game seven goals, move over Justin Williams.

The Jets would add an empty net goal and go on to advance to the conference finals against the Golden Knights. It’s going to be a series between two young, fast teams. I literally cannot wait. Saturday night can’t get here quick enough.

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