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Fire: A Rough Day in Colombus Results In A 3-0 Loss For The Fire

The Fire lost to Columbus in frustrating fashion writes Dan Deyoung

A rough day for the Chicago Fire. After a game like that, many questions are probably going to have to be answered.

The Fire looked decent for the first 5 minutes, and then it became relatively even for most of the first half. I thought that the Fire looked pretty decent in the first half. Elliott Collier had a great shot attempt that went off the post early in the first half. He later, however, skied the ball like Fire fans have gotten accustomed to with him. He has his moments where it looks like he belongs, but way too often it seems like he should not even be a substitute on this team.

The only goal was off a penalty for Columbus. Zardes was practically tackled by Kevin Ellis as he got beat badly when a cross was sent in.  Federico Higuaín took advantage of this and sent it past Richard Sanchez, and the Crew got to go into the half up 1-0. 

I was hoping for an improvement from the team in the second half, but we actually looked much worse. It didn’t help that Dax McCarty got injured during the first half, and was taken off for Tchani in the second. Tchani did not do a good job replacing Dax, and it hurt even more when everyone else went down as well.

The second half was the half of Zardes, as he got to send in not one, but two goals in the second half. The first one was after Niko Hansen helped steal the ball, run all the way down the sideline, and brought it all the way to the goal, before giving the ball to Zardes, who easily scored it.

Zardes second goal came in the 70th minute, where he was given way too much space right in the middle, and hit a very nice shot. Zardes has looked like a completely different player this year than in years past.

This game hurt to watch. The team seemed to get much worse in the second half, and the substitutes did not help. The three of them were not very good in the second half. I was not a big fan of the choices to substitute, but we really do not have a lot of depth guys anyway.

The Fire have a ton of injuries right now, but we still need to look better. The Fire were very lucky to get three points last game, and they could easily be on a big losing streak. All the rumors of a new player coming to town will hopefully come to fruition, as the team needs some help.

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