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Chicago Fire Win, but Questions Surrounding Katai Abound

The Fire picked up 3 huge points against New York City to position themselves for the playoffs, but Dan DeYoung writes those won't matter if last night was Aleksander Katai's final game in a Fire uniform.

On a very hot night in Chicago, the Fire were staring at a tough New York City team. This was a big match for the Fire because a win would put them in a playoff spot about halfway through the season.

The Fire did get the win, and many thanks must go to Aleksandar Katai. Once again, Katai stepped up for the team and put in an outstanding effort. If last night was Aleksandar Katai’s last match in a Chicago Fire uniform, I don’t think he could have gone out better than he did.

The first goal was one that most are expecting him to score at this point. A clean cut in from the outside created a little space and he got a shot in that he has been hitting all season.

The second goal was nothing short of special. Katai beat two defenders badly to get a one on one with keeper, Sean Johnson and then finished over Johnson. The goal instantly becomes a candidate for Fire goal of the year.

Due to Katai’s efforts, the Fire managed to pull out a 3-2 victory over the tough New York City FC squad. Three hard earned points that put the Fire into playoff positioning with just under half the season remaining.

The Fire don’t have another player who can do what Aleksandar Katai does. After some early criticism from Paunovich, even he has come around to praising Aleksandar Katai for his play.

Katai was very good in this one, just like he has been for the past couple of months. He has had a goal or an assist in the last eight games that he has played in, so it is pretty easy to tell the impact that he makes on the team.

It would be a shame to see a player of his quality be let go. If this is indeed the end of Aleksandar Katai in a Chicago Fire uniform, the team itself may not stay above the playoff line for very long.

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