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Bears Notebook: Day Nine Training Camp Observations

The Chicago Bears had another practice Sunday. Here are some observations.

The Chicago Bears stay in Bourbanais is coming to an end soon, as this was the final Sunday practice open to the public. In the short time that the Bears have been in Bourbanais, they have created a buzz around Chicago. The local media is talking about the Bears, the national media is talking about the Bears, and most importantly, Chicago fans are talking about the Bears.

The team is being talked about for good reasons and bad, the bad of course being that Roquan Smith is still not in camp. With only seven days left in training camp, everyone has grown tired of this issue, and I have as well. I am not gonna turn this article into a rant on this, I just want this to be done and over with, and I wanna see our brand new linebacker.

Now back to today, there has been a lot of fluctuation for how the team has been playing, with some highs and some lows, and today was certainly true for that.

Mitch Trubisky‘s Arm was Stellar

After a bit of a rough start to camp, The Bears future displayed the arm that all Bears fans have been getting excited about the last couple of years. The quarterback was showing it all off today, as he was hitting guys right on the money on all sorts of throws.

Trubisky has had his struggles with interceptions throughout camp, but not so much today. He only had a couple of them throughout practice, and it was not because he was throwing check downs, he was still throwing balls into tight windows with some heat on them.

The early interceptions were going to happen to Trubisky as he learned the new offense, but as camp goes on, he is getting more comfortable with the reads and timing of the new plays. He’s now finding the small openings that are being created, and he is hitting them with ease. Today was the best I have seen from Trubisky.

Anthony Miller Keeps on Impressing

I have been a fan of Anthony Miller before he was even selected by the Chicago Bears, and the more and more I am watching him in training camp, the more I am falling in love with his play. I thought he was going to be good coming into camp, but I wasn’t so sure that he was going to be this good.

Miller has been so good at practice everyday, and he knows it too. He is one of the most confident rookies that I have ever seen in a Bears uniform, and he may even be a little cocky. It’s okay to be cocky though because that just means he knows how good he is, and he wants to prove it to all of us.

I also wanted to point out some of the elite footwork that this guy has shown over camp and from college. The first go around of this play below looked really good live, but slowed down was even more entertaining.

Notice in the second clip him backpedaling to get off the line versus the press corner. I love the creativity of the guy to find a way to make a play.

Also, he looks so smooth running the slant route in the slot. He makes every one of those slant routes look so simple and smooth.

Matt Nagy also had some positive words to say about Anthony Miller.

The hype on this guy is real Bears fans.

Trey Burton and the Bears’ Tight Ends Get Into The Action

Like mentioned previously, Trubisky had a great day, and plenty of thanks to that was the Bears tight end group.

The best of the bunch today was Trey Burton. Trubisky was feeding him the ball all day it seemed, he was probably even the most targeted player of the day, and he was being hit all over the field.

He looked really good on the plays for big yardage. He is clearly starting to grow very comfortable with Trubisky, as both the big plays shown below were perfect throws.

If the two of them can develop a rapport with each other, that could be a very dangerous look with all the extra weapons around them.

The other tight ends that will get playing time this year in Dion Sims and Adam Shaheen looked very good in passing drills today as well. Sims had a couple of great catches, and Shaheen seems to be developing more and more, I noticed that he seemed to be getting a little more time with the first team than before, encouraging to see for our former second-round selection.

Leonard Floyd Dominates In Drills

The tight end groups looked good in the passing drills, but boy, did they look silly in the drills against the edge rushers. Leonard Floyd absolutely ate the tight ends alive, especially Trey Burton.

I caught a couple of those on Burton below.

While Floyd should be doing things like that on tight ends, it is hard to not get excited watching how quick and powerful that he is becoming.

The Running Game was Not Good

The Chicago Bears may have had a great day running the football, but running the football was not so good. The offensive line was getting beaten all day, as guys like Akiem Hicks were getting into the backfield with ease all day (Great day for him).

The Bears running backs did not look great themselves, they did not do a great job when they did have the opening, and they had a couple fumbles throughout.

After a great day for the passing game, it is disappointing to see the Bears running game slip up. At least Trubisky showed off what he can do for the offense when given the opportunity on a run, I really love the potential with those plays.

Other Notes

  • Like I mentioned, briefly, Akiem Hicks had a great day of practice. The whole defensive line looked great throughout the day after dominating the offensive line.
  • The wide receivers looked good today. I thought specifically Kevin White had a pretty solid day to go along with Anthony Miller’s day. Hopefully, he keeps on showing that first round pick potential we saw years ago.
  • Watching Mike Furrey coach is a joy to watch. He does not let any of his receivers get away with anything and makes them repeat something until they get it right. He seems like a great addition to the coaching staff. 

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