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Bears Film Study: Leonard Floyd and Young Safeties Impress Against Bengals

The Chicago Bears defense had some surprising performances on Thursday night against the Bengals.

The Chicago Bears played in their second preseason game on Thursday afternoon against the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite what the score may have indicated, the Bears defense had some nice moments.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some ugly ones as well. Especially, when Marcus Cooper is trying to defend AJ Green. More times than not that’s not going to end well if you’re the Bears. Thankfully, Cooper shouldn’t be relied on heavily like he was last season at times.

Injuries though could change that. As of today, Prince Amukamara is battling a minor groin injury, so maybe Cooper could get more playing time when the Bears take on the Broncos Saturday in Denver.

Here, I will touch on some key points in what The Loop Sports is calling Bears Film Study. Each week there will be film studies out on the offense and defense from the team’s most recent game. Sometimes there may even be position specific reviews for important positions like quarterback.

The Loop Sports will also be doing films studies on upcoming opponents as well. Be on the lookout for those when the regular season gets underway. Let’s get into last week’s game.

Leonard Floyd  

By now, everyone is aware that the key for Floyd is actually being on the field. He has struggled to do just that in his first two years in the NFL. The Bears are banking on that changing in 2018. That is obvious after taking a look at the depth chart for the edge rusher position. It’s thin, to say the least.

If there Bears are going to take a major step forward Floyd will need to produce, which means staying on the field for all 16 games. If he does stay healthy, there is no doubt he can get to double-digit sacks. The health is the big “if” though.

Floyd was flying around against the Bengals. He was being disruptive in the passing game especially. It was actually Floyd who forced Andy Dalton to get rid of the ball quickly on the Kyle Fuller pick-6.

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If Floyd keeps this kind of play up he’s in store for a big, big year.

Cooper Burned 

As I mentioned above, Cooper was undressed multiple times during Thursday’s game. The plays that will be listed below all happened on one drive. Clearly, the Bengals wanted to go after Cooper. Can’t say I really blame them.

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It gets uglier.

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It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Cooper was eventually cut. Especially, after seeing the young talent the Bears have in their secondary.

Deiondre’ Hall and DeAndre Houston-Carson Show Out 

Adrian Amos is a solid NFL player in the NFL. However, he doesn’t jump out as a true difference maker – not matter what Pro Football Focus says. Behind Amos, there are two players in Hall and Houston-Carson that could see some playing time in 2018.

In two preseason games, Houston-Carson has one interception and two PDefs. While Hall’s stats this preseason are average, his play has been impressive.

Houston-Carson showed off great football instincts on Thursday. On the plays below he jumps a route and makes a great play to break up what was going to be a touchdown.


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Again, Hall didn’t do anything spectacular, but similar to Floyd, he was everywhere on the field making tackles.

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People forget that Hall was first a CB with the Bears. His move to safety seems to be going well. If both Houston-Carson and Hall keep up their play, things could get very interesting if Amos or Eddie Jackson were to play bad or get injured.

Kasim Edebali 

Wait, who? Edge rusher Kasim Edebali made some serious noise on Thursday. He had multiple pressure on the quarterback. Clearly, I’m not the only one who’s noticed.

The fifth-year pro took 40 snaps in the Bears loss to the Bengals on Thursday night. He registered a hit and three hurries as well as collecting two defensive stops against Cincinnati’s backups.

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Edebali should get more time on Saturday with the Broncos. I will be watching him more closely this time around. On film, he was fast off the line, which helped him get almost immediate pressure on the QB.

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