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What Will Khalil Mack Bring to the Bears Defense?

Now that the trade for Khalil Mack has been finalized we can begin to exam what his addition will mean for the Bears defense.

Yesterday, Chicago Bears fans woke up to the news that shocked the NFL world. The Bears acquired one of the best players in the entire NFL in Kahlil Mack. Mack is an absolute monster who has been stuck with the Oakland Raiders – a team that was not able to utilize their superstar player.

The Bears got there hands on a generational player, but what will Mack look like in this new Chicago Bears defense?

The question that some may have is why is Mack looked at such a high level. Oakland has not been in the national spotlight much besides signing a head coach that doesn’t want one of the best edge rushers in the NFL. Even with that, his numbers are impressive. In his four years in the NFL, Mack has recorded a whopping 40.5 sacks, with only 4 coming from his rookie year.

The big thing with Mack is that his sacks were not just gifted to him, they were earned. With a player like Mack, it does not matter how good the rest of the defense is, you must give him extra attention, or else you will pay.

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This is an example of a team that made the mistake of leaving Mack on an island with a tackle and a running back who was covering the outside. Tackles cannot handle the power that Mack possesses, and someone needs to be there to help to the inside. It’s going to be a pretty sight if Green Bay decides to line up and leave Mack in this situation.

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Khalil Mack shows off his elite athleticism all the time. The big thing with Mack is just how quick he is off the snap. He can get to the outside faster than almost all edge rushers in the entire NFL. If the offensive tackle doesn’t respond, he gets embarrassed.

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The thing about Khalil Mack and what makes him so special is his combination of power and speed. As you can see from the video above, Mack uses both of them in one of his favorite moves. He uses his elite speed to get the offensive lineman to have to lunge a bit to the outside, and then he uses his brute strength to get back inside. Then, he has the football instincts to go after the football.

This is the kind of versatile package the Chicago Bears are getting out of Mack, a guy who really can do it all out on the football field. It doesn’t matter what an offense des, because he will find a way to get the quarterback.

I will not be spending a lot of time talking about Mack against Green Bay, because I am going to be dissecting the offense next week. Trust me, when watching the Packers offensive tackles, I cannot help but get excited about what Mack can do in week one.

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2 comments on “What Will Khalil Mack Bring to the Bears Defense?

  1. That first highlight is unreal. At the very least, this year will be much more fun to watch that it was shaping up as a week ago.

    • Dan DeYoung

      Thanks for reading Dan!
      He is a highlight machine and I am looking forward to seeing him against Green Bay on Sunday!

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