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Typical Chicago Fan: A Casual Fan’s Take at The Loop Sports

Zach Lilja and the boys join the growing network of editorial, podcasting and digital content offerings at The Loop Sports to offer readers a casual fan's take on Chicago sports.

You may have noticed this morning, that it was announced on the TLS Twitter account that the talented guys over at “Typical Chicago Fan,” are now a part of our growing network of podcasts and digital content offerings here at The Loop Sports.

Here’s the story on that, and what you can expect moving forward.

Zach Lilja, Boomy, TCFPgoy, and TCFGameboy have created a podcast and blogging website that takes a more casual fan approach to covering the Chicago sports landscape over at “Typical Chicago Fan.” Starting today, their TCF podcast will operate under our network of podcasts, and the boys will be sharing their take on all things Chicago sports here at The Loop Sports.

Typical Chicago Fan will provide our readers with a more lighthearted, opinionated take on Chicago sports, along side our current offering of editorials, news and analysis on the Chicago sports front.

We’re excited to have the guys as a part of the team, and excited to offer our readers and listeners a different viewpoint editorially, and another excellent podcast moving forward. We will be working with Zach and the guys over the next few days to transition all of their staff and work over to our website, so stay tuned for their work!

  • Patrick Flowers, CEO — The Loop Sports, LLC.

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