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Bears Pass Rush Could Have Huge Day vs. Seahawks

The Chicago Bears' defense is in a great spot against the Seahawks on Monday night.

Last week, the Chicago Bears defense in the first half reminded us of all of the great Chicago Bears defenses that we grew up watching. It was some of the most exciting football I have seen in years, with the tipping point seeing Khalil Mack get his pick six.

The Bears must forget what happened in that second half and remember how dominant they were in the first against the Green Bay Packers. On Monday night, the Bears defense could again dominate against a suspect Seattle Seahawks offense.


The Seahawks are a much different team than they were during their recent peak. The Seahawks Legion of Boom is practically gone, and the defense is not at that same defense that was so feared years ago.

The offense, however, is still rather similar. The big thing is that they still have their quarterback in Russell Wilson. Wilson has had to deal with pretty lackluster talent all around him, and he has had to drag the offense around for quite some time.

At running back, the Seahawks may have found a decent player in Chris Carson. After a year cut short due to injury, Seahawks fans were excited about him being the feature back. Carson showed off his athleticism last week.

As you can see, the guy can almost literally fly.

The other running back looking to handle some carries is Rashaad Penny. Fans are not nearly as excited about Rashaad Penny than they are Chris Carson but expect for him to have a role on Monday.

The wide receiver position should be very interesting. With Doug Baldwin out, who is the number one receiver for the Seahawks. Tyler Lockett is the most likely answer for who will get the ball, but look out for Former Chicago Bear Brandon Marshall, as he may be looking at this as a revenge game.

At offensive line, the Seahawks believe they have a decent unit after the last few years of terrible offensive line play. In my opinion, it is still not very good. The blocking was not there against the Broncos, and it felt like Wilson did not have enough time in the pocket, and the six sacks against support that statement.

At left tackle, Duane Brown is viewed as one of the better tackles in the NFL and earned a Pro Bowl spot to replace Lane Johnson. Brown is the best lineman that the Seahawks have at this point, and his play is very important for Wilson to have some time in the pocket.

The interior lineman showed a group of Ethan Pocic (LG), Justin Britt (C), and D.J. Fluker (RG). These three names are nothing to get excited about if you are a Seahawks fans. They can struggle to open up holes for their running backs.

At right tackle, Germain Ifedi seems to be the biggest weakness. He got taken to school last week against that Broncos pass rush, and a similarly good edge rush from the Bears could prove deadly to Wilson. He is most likely the weakest link in this Seahawks offense.


The Seahawks have had a problem creating good offense without Wilson playing out of his mind over the last couple of years. That is why the team brought in Brian Schottenheimer to be the new offensive coordinator. He has been bouncing around as a young offensive mind over the years, but now he has been around long enough to be more of a veteran offensive coordinator.

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When watching the Seahawks offense, it seems as though there is quite a bit of similarity to how the Seahawks and Packers play. They both have great quarterbacks that like to use their legs to get out of the pocket and make big plays, even when they do not have a ton of talent around them.

Just as the Packers and Seahawks have similar offenses, the Bears and Broncos defenses have a lot of similarities as well. The big thing is that both teams have two of the most formidable pass rushes in the NFL.

So what do the Seahawks do to stop that? It likely results in Russell Wilson getting rid of the ball quickly. Last week, Wilson did not have much time to get rid of the football. On most plays, he could not take deep drops, or else he was going to get pummeled by a pass rusher.

Look for the Seahawks to show plenty of short throws for Wilson. I would not expect for him to come out of the game swinging, because the Bears are not going to let him have the time or space needed to air it deep.

The running game will be crucial for the Seahawks. If they can get something going running the ball, it will force the Bears to prepare more for the run, giving Wilson a chance to make some big plays.

Matchup the Seahawks can exploit Russell Wilson Vs. Bears Defense

I know it is a bit similar to last weeks, but again, I only see one guy who I can stand out and say that he can be the one to change the game. I don’t see any matchup problems with the Seahawks skill players, as they are not that great, especially with Baldwin likely out for the game, and the offensive line is bad, so who else can you give it to than the guy who finds a way to make plays.

I do not expect Wilson to be able to make these big plays, but he has proven me wrong before by playing so great despite the offense surrounding him. Look for him to make a couple of big plays that did not seem possible.

Matchup the Bears can exploit: Khalil Mack vs. Germain Ifedi

This is a matchup that could prove to be deadly for the Seahawks. Germain Ifedi did a very poor job of stopping Von Miller in this past game, and if he cannot stop Miller than it is likely that he cannot stop Mack either.

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Wilson may have some horrible flashbacks right before the game remembering that he has to deal with a similar level of pass rush two weeks in a row.

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    I hope so

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    This game will be huge for the bears it will set the stage for the rest of the season .must win

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