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Trubisky, Bears Offense Inconsistent Again vs. Seahawks

The Chicago Bears offense was off again on Monday night against the Seahawks. Mitch Trubisky was inconsistent, but the play calling did improve.

The Chicago Bears did beat the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night football 24-17. Yes, in the NFL a win is a win, but there were some issues, mainly on offense.

After a dreadful second half against the Green Bay Packers, the Bears offense was up and down against a Seahawks defense, that is average at best.

Second-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky had his issues as well. He did show some flashes – overall, he still has a lot to work on in terms of being a solid QB in the NFL.

After watching the game over again, here are some things that stood out to me on film.

Trubisky Good 

Something Trubisky has struggled with over his NFL career is keeping his eyes downfield. Especially, when the pocket collapses. On Monday, he showed signs of improvement in this part of his game.

On the play below, you can see how Trubisky keeps his eyes downfield until the last possible second, then he decides to tuck it and run.

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Here’s an even better look.

Sean brings up a good point. With Trubisky, he tends to drop his eyes almost every time a play breakdown. The greats like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are so deadly because they keep their eyes up looking for the open receiver.

There were times Trubisky struggled with this on Monday, but on the play above, he was picture perfect.

Another area where Trubisky struggled in week one was reading the defense. On the Bears first drive, Trubisky made the right read and the result was six points.

Below we can that Trubisky has three options on the play: hand the ball off to Tarik Cohen, keep it himself or shuffle it to TE Trey Burton. This was a simple zone read. Still, it was up to Trubisky to make the right decision, and he did just that.

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It looks like the Bears will be a fast starting team in 2018, which is a great thing. They just need to figure out how to sustain the success on offense for the whole game.

One of Trubisky’s best plays of the night was called back. As you can see in the video below, Trubisky feels the pressure, bounces around the pocket while keeping his eyes up and finds a wide-open Anthony Miller.

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Trubisky bad 

With the good, comes the bad with Trubisky.

He was off at times again on Monday night. Trubisky did throw two touchdowns, but two interceptions as well. On the first turnover, Trubisky didn’t set his feet and threw a duck on a play that should have gone for a touchdown to Allen Robinson.

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Trubisky also needs to step into the throw, instead of being on his back foot. After seeing Jay Cutler for a long time, it’s easy to point out when other QBs are off with their mechanics. Trubisky was on his first interception.

For the most part, Trubisky was known as an accurate passer. He did miss a few big throws against the Seahawks, including the one below to Taylor Gabriel that may have gone for a TD if it hadn’t been overthrown.

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That’s a ball that has to be completed. There’s no other way around that. Again, Trubisky appeared to be on his back foot a bit. This is something he will need to clean up going forward because, against good teams, the Bears cannot miss opportunities like that.

Overall, it was another up and down night for Trubisky. He showed flashes but also was inaccurate and too quick to scramble and run instead of hanging in the pocket. He’s raw and going to be a work in progress.

Taylor Gabriel Jet Sweep 

Nagy had a good night as a play caller. He introduced a few new things, which included spreading the defense out and running jet sweeps with WR Taylor Gabriel. The play proved to be effective more than once.

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Expect Nagy to continue to use this look in the future. He could even throw Anthony Miller in the backfield a few times as well.

Other Notes 

  • Jordan Howard needs to get the ball more. He ran the ball just 14 times against Seattle. Look for Nagy to get him involved early and often against the Arizona Cardinals this week. 
  • While Nagy’s playcalling was better Monday, it’s still very conservative, which could be because of Trubisky. Either way, the Bears need to take way more shots downfield.

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