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Trubisky, Offense Ugly in Bears 16-14 Win Over Cardinals

The Chicago Bears were able to pull out a win against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

After both the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings lost on Sunday, the Chicago Bears had a chance to move into first in the NFC North. For the first time in a while, the Bears were expected to win a football game with ease.

That didn’t happen on Sunday.

It was a bad performance by Mitch Trubisky and his head coach, Matt Nagy. From play calling, to decision making, Nagy seemed to get too cute at times. For Trubisky, his inability read the defense, pick up blitzes and throw an accurate deep ball was evident from the start on Sunday afternoon.

Yet, the Bears came away with a 16-14 win. To be honest, Sunday’s victory felt more like a loss. But wins in the NFL are tough to come by…so the Bears will take the win and for the time being, first place in the NFC North.

In the first half alone, Trubisky turned the ball over twice. He fumbled, had a pass tipped and intercepted. Like last week, the second year QB out of North Carolina was also inaccurate downfield. It’s also hard for one not to question the game plan that consisted of repeatedly attacking All-Pro CB Patrick Peterson.

The Bears did that far too often in the first half. KYP – know your personnel.

Vic Fangio’s defense giving up touchdowns on the Cardinals’ first two possessions didn’t help the lackluster start by the offense.

Cardinals pass catchers were wide open after multiple blown coverages by the Bears’ secondary. Danny Trevathan also left RB David Johnson wide open, the result was a 14-0 Cardinal lead.

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Bad QB play would be a theme in the game for both teams. Sam Bradford threw interceptions on back-to-back drives to open the second half for the Cardinals. It was Eddie Jackson and Sherrick McManis making big plays for their team.

The Bears defense bailed out the offense several times on Sunday (where have I heard that before). Khalil Mack was his regular, disruptive self, along with Akiem Hicks.

Mack actually saved the game for the Bears.

He stripped QB Sam Bradford in the fourth quarter to give the Bears the ball back. It was the defense’s third takeaway of the second half. With his play through the first three weeks, it’s hard not to consider Mack as an early defensive player of the year candidate.

Nagy and the offense again made a questionable decision. On 4th and 1…in field goal range, the Bears lined up to go for it. Instead, they ended up taking a timeout, then kicking a go-ahead field goal. This was the second time the Bears wasted a timeout they could have needed later in the game.

Speaking of questionable decisions, the Cardinals decided that the right time to bring in rookie QB Josh Rosen was with the game on the line with four minutes left in the fourth quarter. Talk about a tough debut.

The Prince Amukamara injury seemed to hurt the Bears. Kevin Toliver was caught playing off the receiver a few times, as the Cardinals were attacking the rookie out of LSU as most competent NFL coaches would. Expect the Bears to bring in a veteran CB this week. Especially, if Amukamara is out for any period of time.

Rosen, like any rookie QB, had a tough time against the Bears defense, even with the injuries. He threw a pick to CB Bryce Callahan on fourth down that sealed a victory for the Bears. In four second have possessions, the Cardinals turned the ball over all four times.


It was ugly, very ugly, but the Bears escaped Arizona with a win. Things need to get better though. Mainly with Trubisky’s development. Against a Cardinals defense that was torched by the Redskins and Rams, the Bears offense put up 16 points.

That is simply not good enough. It can’t get any worse next week, right?

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7 comments on “Trubisky, Offense Ugly in Bears 16-14 Win Over Cardinals

  1. Go Cubs Go

  2. The coaching staff knew what they have in Trubisky, how come he didn’t get more time in preseason , he really lacks experience.

  3. Scott bauer

    I was at the game today for what I thought would have been a cake walk, but it was an ugly win. I have a fear that our franchise QB search isn’t over.

    Mitch looks overwhelmed out there when blitzes are coming at him and seems to look at one receiver the whole play. Seems he can’t throw to his left with accuracy.

  4. agreed with the comments on Trubisky. See flashes of being athletic … then overthrows a receiver by 10 yards or into double or triple coverage. Hard for me not to compare him to Trent Dilfer. If we could see two or three consistent drives put together in a row? Right now hard to envision that.

  5. Trubisky will be a good one once he gets over his rookie jitters and stops sailing the ball over his receivers. As for the deep balls, it doesn’t look like he has the arm strength and needs more time in the weight room. No knock on the rookie, but if Cutler was still QB with this O-Line and receivers the Bears are now 3-0 with an extra 30 points on the board!

  6. I totally agree with you, he still plays like a inexperienced scared ass kid, doesn’t seem to know what to do with the football.

  7. I know that some patience is required before we know for sure what we have in Trubisky, Goff learned a new offense and came out firing on all cylinders when McVay came in. Trubisky just isn’t looking like he’s going to be what Pace was hoping he could be.

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