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Bears Need to Exploit Buccaneers Defense Through Air

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' defense is one that the Chicago Bears' offense should exploit through the air.

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are brought up, everyone focuses on the offense led by Ryan “Fitzmagic” Fitzpatrick. The offense has been very good to start off the season, and the Bears defense is going to have to prepare for the possibility of the good Ryan Fitzpatrick showing up on Sunday.

Now there is one person that everyone is talking about on the Buccaneers defense, and he is someone that spent some time here in Chicago, time that Bears fans do not look back fondly on. Yes, I am talking about Chris Conte. 

You know, the same guy who was injured because he was stiff-armed into the ground on Monday Night Football.

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Unfortunately for Bears fans who wanted to get revenge on him, Conte was put on injured reserved, so the Bears will not have the chance to make a highlight like that on him.

With this and all of the ridiculous things happening with “Fitzmagic”, the Buccaneers are quickly becoming the meme team of the NFL.

Oh yeah, this is a defensive scouting report, let’s get that started.

The Buccaneers defense has recently got a lot to criticism. Many of it going towards defensive coordinator Mike Smith. Fans have not been happy with the way the defense has been run, and it’s hard to blame them with the defense being one of the worst in the NFL.

This may come as a surprise to Bears fans who have not watched much of the Buccaneers, but the defense absolutely destroyed the Mike Glennon led Bears offense. I know, what a shock. The Buccaneers had four turnovers total in the game.

Their defense did not look as deadly when they had to play quarterbacks that were better than Mike Glennon.

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This season, it’s more of the same – when the Buccaneers play a decent quarterback the defense gets destroyed. The defense has already had two games where they gave up 400 passing yards.

The Buccaneers best chance to stop the Bears offense is for the pass rush to get to Trubisky without a blitz. While watching the film, I found that when the Buccaneers blitz, quarterbacks can easily find holes in the defense. The blitz has just not been effective for the Buccaneers, and they need Jason Pierre-Paul and Gerald McCoy to get into the backfield without sending the house.

For the Bucs, the secondary is viewed as being much worse than the pass rush in terms of talent. As I mentioned previously, they have been given up a ton of big plays through the air. The secondary is not great in coverage, and they are not a great tackling team either, which I’m sure many fans assumed after the Chris Conte incident. There are other incidents besides the Conte one, however, like the plays shown below.

The secondary will feature two rookies in Carlton Davis and Jordan Whitehead, along with 35-year-old Brent Grimes. 

That’s a very weak unit.

While watching these clips, I got very excited about what the Bears’ offense could potentially do. The Bears offense has not been impressive so far, and this game could be the opportunity to turn it around. While it seemed like the Cardinals should have been the game to do that, players sometimes just have bad games, and Trubisky had just that last Sunday afternoon.

When listening in to what Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky  speak at thier press conferences this week, it seems as though the offense is going to get scaled back a bit.

This is a big opportunity for Mitch Trubisky to gain some confidence. With a more scaled back offense coming, I would expect Nagy to attempt to make Trubisky’s life as easy as possible. The best way for that to happen is to allow Mitch Trubisky to make simple throws.

With the weak secondary that the Buccaneers have, look for the Bears to try and have a big day through the air. The best way for the Bears to do that is to attempt to throw mostly shorter routes. This will allow some of the teams athletic playmakers to step up and turn small plays into big ones.

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6 comments on “Bears Need to Exploit Buccaneers Defense Through Air

  1. Lol, but your team doesnt Have Big Ben or Brees, they also dont have an Antonio Brown or Alvin Kamera.

  2. Tampa’s D can be very opportunistic and Mr. Trubisky will give plenty of opportunities I imagine.

  3. Mckay’s Bucs

    Unlikely. We’ve played Steelers, Saints, and Eagles. Bears defense excellent, offense will struggle as Vita Vea makes debut making back end less important TB DEFENSE underrated due to competition. It’s not Fitmagic success, it’s O Line play and weapons. Bears will have their hands very full. Too close to call.

  4. When we a play a decent QB we suck???..Hmm Drew Brees who is one of the best to play and has a Super Bowl ring. Foles who killed it last year and went head to head with Brady and won the Superbowl. And Big Ben two time Super Bowl winner and a first ballot Hall Famer just like Brees will be. We are going to fucking destroy you guys tomorrow. I’m calling it. We pic of your guy twice and win by 14 points

    • Patrick Flowers

      19/26, 354 yards and 6 TD’s for “our guy,” how’d your guy(s) do yesterday?

  5. Josh Helley

    The Bucs have played the Saints, Eagles and Steelers… 3 of the best offenses from last yr. If they give up 400yds to the bears through the air then you’re assessment is probably right. As of now we don’t know though bc those teams have thrown for about 400yds a game on everyone.

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