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Bulls’ Defense Absent in 116-82 Loss to Bucks

The Chicago Bulls were dominated by the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night.

The Chicago Bulls faced off against the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night in what seemed to be a promising game after their first preseason win.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

The Bulls came out and performed lackluster at best. Failing to even reach 90 points wasn’t even the biggest problem. Their defense looked atrocious as the Bucks scored on nearly every possession with ease.

Giannis had himself a night. He scored 19 points on 7-10 shooting in 22 minutes. While Khris Middleton scored 15 hitting 3 out 4 from beyond the arc. We all knew the Bulls defense wouldn’t be all that great due to the fact that there a young team. But still, this was a pathetic showing and the trend cannot continue heading into the season.

Luckily for Bulls fans, we still have time before the season opener.

On the other side of the ball, we noticed the absence of Lauri Markkanen. The offense struggled to find any consistency. Fred Hoiberg will have to find a way to utilize his other players to replace Markkanen while he’s gone. Jabari knows his role is even greater than before and that a game like tonight cannot continue.

Jabari Parker shot 2 for 12 and also had the best quote of his career.

I played like doo-doo”

Yes, Jabari you did, but still we all know the 23-year old can ball. Missing pull up jumpers and struggling to carve his way into the lane was not something you will see all season. I believe he’ll find his rhythm and be fine in the “Hoiball offense.” Nights like this are bound to happen, so don’t panic.

Zach LaVine left the game with a thigh contusion which is not expected to be a big deal. He spoke with reporters after the game. “It’s not serious. I’m all good. I could’ve gone back in the game.”

A sigh of relief. Zach LaVine will be alright Bulls fans.

Fred Hoiberg also spoke with reporters mentioning how the Bulls let their lack of shots affect their game and how not getting back on defense allowed the Bucks to score so frequently. He also showed signs off being upset, “I was upset with everything.”

And he has every right to be, the whole team played bad. Kris Dunn had a decent night on the stat sheet, but failed to get the offense rolling. While Justin Holiday and Robin Lopez couldn’t seem to do much of anything.

Wendell Carter continued his good preseason play finishing the game with nine points on 4 for 8 shooting while collecting five boards. He continues to show us that he contributes more off the sheet than on. He seems to have a feel for setting on and off ball screens for teammates.

But, all in all, the Chicago Bulls have many adjustments to make due to Lauri Markkanen‘s injury. And I believe that this young core has the versatility to withstand his absence and maybe even thrive from it.

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