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Despite Painful Loss in South Beach, Bears Firmly in Playoff Mix

These aren’t the “same old Bears” this time.

Fans and observers might be haunted from ghosts of the past that they just can’t quite kick but those involved have to understand that what took place in Miami on Sunday was just one of 16. That’s also the worst thing about the Bears defeat at the hands of the Dolphins. NFL teams only get 16 contests per year. These games are sacred. They ripped defeat from the jaws of victory and it can’t be become a trend.

The offense turned the ball over three times and twice in the red zone. The defense couldn’t tackle in the heat and allowed journeyman signal caller Brock Osweiler to throw for 380 yards and 3 touchdowns.

There were some questionable coaching decisions and the Dolphins gained 541 total yards. The weather conditions in South Florida were a real issue. Teams often struggle in that heat and the Chicago defense was no different. They appeared to come out flat after not playing a football game in two weeks and the missed tackles piled up. The second half was a matter of a tired defense being out-schemed by a great offensive coach in Adam Gase.

Luckily for Vic Fangio and crew, they won’t play in sweltering heat again this year. They had a bad game against another professional team and it would be surprising if they played much worse than that again this year.

Fangio will get it sorted out despite lingering 4th quarter issues. There is just too much talent on that side of the ball for it to become a trend, however. Khalil Mack‘s health aside, this is a unit capable of dominance on any given Sunday.

The Chicago Bears are 3-2 and the New England Patriots are coming to town. In their two losses, the Bears have lost by a total of four points. In those losses, there were some decisions that the new coaching staff would like to have back as well.

They are still in first place by percentage points and they have the whole season in front of them. They have only allowed 96 points through 5 games which are tops in the division and they’ve scored 139. They are firmly in the NFC North division mix with 5 more divisional games on the docket.

As miserable as Sunday was, however, there was a multitude of positives.

Even with the coaching inadequacies, offensive stagnation, turnovers and defensive apathy the team had plenty of chances to beat a good opponent on the road. In a week-to-week league, the Bears could win any game. The opposite is also true, unfortunately.

Matt Nagy’s halftime adjustments were superb. The argument can be made that the headmaster got too conservative late and disappointment ensued but the first year head coach put on a clinic early in the 3rd quarter though.

Those adjustments bode well for the future. The 3rd quarter touchdown pass to rookie wide receiver Anthony Miller was a great call at an opportune moment. The club was facing a 3rd and 9 and called a timeout to discuss the options. Nagy showed why Ryan Pace craved an innovating offensive mind on his sideline as he schemed Miller open and Mitchell Trubisky threw a perfect ball for a seemingly decisive score. Taylor Gabriel and Tarik Cohen have been slotted all over formations and used to the club’s advantage in most cases as well.

The 2nd year quarterback had some obvious blunders in the name of “quarterback development” on Sunday as well but if he consistently plays how he played in Miami, the Bears will end as one of the very best teams in the sport. Through five games, Trubisky has completed 70.2% of his passes and has thrown 11 touchdowns with 4 interceptions. He also has 164 yards rushing through just over a quarter of the season.

Our Nick Petrusevski wants to make sure that fans don’t overlook the former Tar Heel’s performance.

People that are blaming Trubisky for the loss in Miami either aren’t paying attention or can’t let go of the fact that their narrative about the trade and him as a player could be nothing more than balderdash.

Mitch is playing like a guy ready to put up an all-time season as a Chicago Bears quarterback. He’s on pace to throw for more than 4,000 yards while compiling 33 touchdowns and 500 rushing yards as well. He’s going to make mistakes but he’s shown enough glimpses of high-level play to warrant some excitement about the future.

The Chicago Bears have an innovative offensive mind on the sideline paired with a young signal caller who has shown tremendous upside. They have a top level defense with a veteran coach carrying a significant track record in a league deteriorating on that side of the ball.

They lost a football game on Sunday that they should have won. The National Football League runs week-to-week and anything can happen. The Bears have a plethora of winnable games left on their 4th place schedule. Every football Sunday matters again for Bears fans and observers. This is what we’ve been clamoring for.

The next 11 weeks could be a turbulent cluster of emotions but I for one am here for it.

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3 comments on “Despite Painful Loss in South Beach, Bears Firmly in Playoff Mix

  1. Michael Poinelli

    I was there. I workout and I’m physically fit and believe me, it was all I could take just sitting in the stands with the unbelievable heat. Everyone was going upstairs because they couldn’t bare the heat. I can’t imagine how exhausting it had to be playing on the field. Yeah I know they are professionals but they are also human. Im a believer in this team being one of the best in a very long time

  2. Glad to hear someone else excited about this young QB. Trubisky has shown some real growth these last few weeks.

  3. Thanks for reading!

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