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Typical Chicago Fans Podcast 🔊: Best Sports Fights

Big Z and Boomy are back in the Content Cave for Episode 6 of Typical Chicago Fans, presented by The Loop Sports. As always, the boys start with sinkers and floaters with the hot and not in the world. Next they jump right into NFL Week 7 talk as the Bears fall to the Patriots at Soldier Field then moving on to cover all of the other NFL games of the day. After that they drift into some Blackhawks talk as the Hawks sit at 4-2-2 with 8 points, tied for first in the Western Central division. Bulls talk is next as the Bulls start the year 0-2 and have struggled out of the gates. A little Cubs talk follows as the Cubs have hired a new hitting coach, and the boys finish up with a new Top 5, “Best Sports Fights” in honor of the Rondo-CP3 fight last night.


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