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Bears: Ranking Ryan Pace’s Career Day 3 Draft Picks

Chicago Bears' general manager Ryan Pace has been great at finding productive players on day three of the NFL draft.

It’s no secret that Ryan Pace has been a master of finding diamonds in the rough in the NFL Draft. Pace has acquired so much talent over the last few years, it’s hard to figure out which ones were his best selections

For this, I will be ranking all of Ryan Pace’s Day three selections.

The Forgettables

Every draft class its share of players that barely contribute to the team after they are drafted. Even though Ryan Pace has plenty of hits, he has had a few complete whiffs. These are day three selections though, so it is not a big deal because these guys were low risk picks anyway.

16. Tayo Fabuluje, T, TCU

I believe that many of you read Tayo Fabuluje‘s name and exclaimed “Who?” You are not alone on this one, as even I forgot about this blunder of a selection by Pace. He was only on the roster for one season, and his most memorable moment as a Bear was getting a four-game suspension for substance abuse. This was not the finest selection by Pace.

15. Jordan Morgan, G, Kutztown

Ryan Pace two biggest day three misses were both offensive linemen, as Jordan Morgan was another disappointment. Some saw Morgan as another one of those small school guys that Ryan Pace grabs and they become stars, but clearly, this was not the case, as he is not with the team anymore after just one year.

14. Daniel Braverman, WR, Western Michigan,

The glory boy for Bears fans, many thought that the Bears may have gotten a steal with Braverman, and that he should be getting reps. The wide receiver out of Western Michigan only lasted one season on the Chicago Bears, and he did not have a single reception all year. Bears fans were pretty wrong on this one, along with Pace.

The Unknowns

11, 12, 13. Joel IyiegbuniweKylie Fitts and Javon Wims

I am putting these three at this spot because it is hard to judge them after only half a season on the team. None of them have made a huge impact on the team, but it is still believed that all three could develop into something great. While I believe these guys could become better than a few of the next names, I am placing them here because it is not fair to the other guys who we have already seen.

The Contributors

These are players that may not have been great picks, but they easily could have been worse on day three. These are what fans should expect from day three draft picks, guys that may someday develop into something, and added depth.

10. Deiondre Hall, CB, UNI

The fourth-round selection from Ryan Pace in 2016 was not much of a contributor for the Bears. He only really made an impact on the team his rookie year, but he did have an interception on Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions that helped secure a victory. Hall is not a member of the Bears anymore, placing him at the bottom of the list, but he is still playing, as he is with the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles, which caused him to barely squeak into the contributor’s list along with his single interception.

9. Deandre Houston-Carson, S, William & Mary

Like Hall, Houston-Carson has not made a huge impact for the Chicago Bears defense. He was not really expected to come in and make a huge impact though, as he was instead looked at as a pretty good contributor on special teams, and he is just that. He is above Hall for his special teams abilities and for still being on the team.

8. Deon Bush, S, Miami

Another member of the 2016 NFL Draft class, Deon Bush is at the top of the defensive backs list from this draft. Pace did not hit any home runs with these guys, but it seems as though the best guy from the bunch would have to be Deon Bush. If Adrian Amos, God forbid, is not brought back this offseason, Bush could be a possible option to replace him.

7. Jeremy Langford, RB, Michigan State

Even though Langford is not on the team anymore, he was still a pretty key contributor on this team. He looked as though he was the man to replace Matt Forte, but instead, that ended up being one Jordan Howard. I am actually a bit surprised that he is out of the league, as he got replaced by a guy who ended up being of the top running backs in the league.

6. Nick Kwiatkoski, LB, West Virginia

Before the 2018 NFL Draft, it was looking like Nick Kwiatkoski was going to end up as one of the starting linebackers on this Bears defense. It wasn’t until the selection of Roquan Smith that changed this, and some fans thought that the pick of Roquan Smith was unnecessary with him on the roster. Kwiatkoski proved this season though why he got replaced, as he did not have a good start to the season, and was quickly replaced by Roquan Smith when he was ready. Still, Kwiatkoski is a solid backup on this team and a guy that I would be happy to see stick around.


These are the cream of the crop for the NFL Draft. These are the selections that NFL GMs dream about.

5. Bilal Nichols, DT, Delaware

It may be early, but I am ready to list Bilal Nichols as a stud on this team. As the season has gone on, he has been getting more and more involved, and he is the one making big plays. It may be because he has so many talented players around him, but I believe that Ryan Pace absolutely nailed it with this pick. Nichols will end up being another famed Ryan Pace diamond in the rough selection.

4. Adrian Amos, S,  Penn State

This is where this list gets really tough, as we get into the best of the best of Ryan Pace’s day three selections.

On some teams, Adrian Amos would be put at number one because of how talented he is, but Ryan Pace has selected players just like him or better with those picks. Amos was the first real diamond in the rough that Ryan Pace found, and with some time in the defense, developed into one of the best safeties in the NFL.

Now it is up to Pace to try and bring him back this offseason. It may be tough to get him though, as there are various opinions on just how good he is, and the two sides may not be able to find an agreement.

3. Tarik Cohen, RB, North Carolina A&T State

Putting Cohen at number three really was difficult, as he could easily have been my number one. I decided to put Cohen at number three, however, that is no slight against him. He is one of the biggest contributors to this team as a whole, and he is one of the main reasons that this offense is so effective. His big-play ability is unmatched, and Ryan Pace absolutely killed it with this pick, even when many critics said that it was a waste.

2. Jordan Howard, RB, Indiana

Unlike Cohen, many thought that Jordan Howard was a steal of a selection in the fifth round of the draft. Still, nobody saw Jordan Howard as being this good of a running back, not even John Fox started him from the beginning, even though he was clearly the best back on the roster.

Howard may not be having as big of a year that some may have thought, but the new offense certainly has something to do with that. There is no disrespecting his talent, though, as he as often labeled as one of the best running backs in the league.

1. Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama

I am placing Jackson above all because I believe that in terms of value overall, he is the best of the group. He has replaced Adrian Amos this year as the safety that everyone is talking about as one of the best in the NFL, and for good reason. Even though he has some missed tackles this season, nobody can deny the talent that he possesses. Soon, Eddie Jackson may be viewed nationwide as the best safety in the NFL, and as the best of Ryan Pace’s day three selections.

If you disagree with my picks for the top five, that is just a testament to how good Ryan Pace’s draft classes have been. All four of his draft classes, he has selected at least one stud of a player on day three, something that every GM dreams of. Ryan Pace’s all-around ability as a GM is a reason why he needs to seriously be considered as an Executive of the Year candidate.

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  1. The national narrative on Pace and this Bears team won’t generate enough buzz for executive of the year. Most pundits are still giving Pace a hard time about moving up one spot to draft Trubisky. Love the article though and the under valuing of Ryan Pace across the NFL was good for Da Bears!

  2. Nice read and good to see Pace getting some intelligent coverage this season

  3. That is the main reason I think giving up to 1st rounders for Mack was a no brainer. 1st) next years 1st rounder is like selecting Mack. 2nd) Pace is money in the later rounds, so much so that some of his late round picks are just as good if not better than his 1st round picks.

  4. Joseph Ptak

    With the 28th pick in the 2019 draft …the Chicago Bears select Khalil Mack.
    With the 32nd pick in the 2020 draft …the Chicago Bears donate the pick to the Raiders in appreciation of getting Khalil Mack.

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