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The Bears Offense was Special on Sunday Against the Lions

The Chicago Bears' offense was special on Sunday.

In an all-around exciting game, the Chicago Bears offense looked dangerous against the Detroit Lions. It was a day that Bears fans dream to see out of their team. Some critics of the Bears have said that the only reason that they are winning is because of the defense.

This week, it is hard to make that argument. The offense looked stellar throughout the entire game, and it was one of the top performances for the unit all season. The only game that I would put above it would be against the Buccaneers, but it felt so much sweeter against the Lions.

Mitch Trubisky is still improving

When watching Mitch’s game now compared to the beginning of the season, it really feels like night and day. The fans that remained patient on Trubisky were proved right because he is looking more and more like the franchise quarterback that this team has been looking for.

When looking at the game overall, Trubisky had a perfect start, literally. He easily completed all five of his passes, and the Bears cruised to an easy score. The next drive was more of the same, minus a deep ball pass that was just barely stopped by great coverage. My favorite throw to the drive was surprisingly his toss to Ben Braunecker.

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Seeing Mitch Run out of the pocket to create extra space, and then calmly stepping and firing a perfect ball into an extremely small window, reminds me of the bad man up north in Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers makes a killing on these types of throws and seeing Trubisky make the same ones has to get you excited.

Speaking of Rodgers, read this fun tweet:

Don’t you dare twist my words into saying that Mitch Trubisky and Aaron Rodgers are the same. I am just stating that the Bears quarterback is starting to gain those traits that the elite quarterbacks display.

Mitch is also doing a great job of stepping up in the pocket and just absolutely firing the football. It seems that as his comfortability with the offense, so does his accuracy. He was throwing absolute dimes all afternoon, like this ball to Allen Robinson.

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This won’t be the only appearance of this play in the film study, as there are multiple great things to look at in this play. For this one, let’s focus on Mitch. To start it off, watch his progressions on this play. He is not staring down Allen Robinson the entire time this play, and is instead looking off the defenders, before launching his pass.

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Also, notice that as the pocket is collapsing, Trubisky does not panic, as he stays in, and times up that beautiful ball. These are the things that the best quarterbacks in the business do, and Trubisky is making these plays look easy. These are things to get excited about, Bears fans.

Speaking of things to get excited about, while he had an incredible day with his arm, he also made some of the plays he made with his legs were unreal. Word is getting around the league that Trubisky can run, but it is about time that he is considered one of the best in the league at it.

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This was one of the coolest six-yard runs that I have ever seen. If you thought the broadcast angle was cool, check out the angle from the end zone shot.

It is about time that Trubisky is considered a dual-threat quarterback. He is one of the best in the league at finding the correct lane and making plays. Again, I’m not saying that he is Rodgers, but this is the kinda thing that Rodgers does that has irked Bears fans for years, and Mitch is able to do the same thing.

We are finally seeing a confident and healthy Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson had his best game as a Chicago Bear. He ended up with six receptions for 131 yards and two touchdowns. This is exactly what the Bears were hoping for when they signed him, but with so many other players stepping up, it was not very worrying that he was not stepping up quite yet.

Allen Robinson needed his time to get back to it, and this two-week break that he had maybe given him enough of a rest to burst back out there with a full head of steam. He was running some very crisp and clean routes all day, and he both of his touchdowns on the day.

If you look at his touchdown, he just absolutely torched his cornerback the whole way and made it very easy for his quarterback to drop it down into him. That is still not a very easy catch, diving backward and making a catch at the belt is a tricky one that can be overthought, but he made the play.

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The big thing with that play was that Trubisky trusted his wide receiver. Like we mentioned in the gif above, when he did turn over to Robinson, there was no hesitation in the throw, and it seemed like Trubisky anticipated that Robinson would win that matchup.

This was not the only moment in the game where we saw this, as, on the goalline, Mitch gave Robinson a jump ball right off the snap. We do not know if that was the designated play call or not, but if it was, Mitch showed absolutely no hesitation again.

For a guy that is coming off a very serious injury, he does not look like he has slowed down at all, which is very good news for the whole Bears team, and especially for Ryan Pace, as his gamble really paid off.

Anthony Miller has the makings of a star

What is a star in the NFL? While some stars are quiet and get there star status because of there talent, some guys are thrust up because of their personality. Anthony Miller has displayed flashes of both talent and personality as a Chicago Bear, and if he keeps up with this trend, Chicago may be getting a new fan favorite around not just Chicago, but the entire NFL.

Let’s start with the talent aspect first. I have been a big Anthony Miller fan since the day I started scouting wide receivers from this past draft class. He was a dream pick of mine but thought that the Bears were not going to select him because of the draft positioning. When the Bears traded back into the second round, one name came screaming into my head, and sure enough, it was Anthony Miller.

Miller so far his proved so far already why I was such a huge fan. First, he has an unbelievable knack for creating separation in many different ways.

Other Notes

The offensive line has looked great, even with the loss of Kyle Long. If the offensive line play continues like this, it may be the end of Kyle Long as a Chicago Bear.

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