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What Can the Bears Expect from Chase Daniel?

With it looking like Mitch Trubisky will miss Thursday's game, Dan DeYoung takes a look at what #Bears fans can expect from Chase Daniel.

In Chicago, it has almost become a tradition where Bears fans know the backup quarterback’s name by heart and call for him to replace the starter. We saw this with Jay Cutler for years when fans called for Josh McCown, Jason Campbell, and even (gulp) Jimmy Clausen to replace him.

Things have been different this year though, with the young hotshot quarterback in Trubisky, fans are not making a peep about wanting to put in the backup. This means that many fans don’t really know much about the backup this go around.

So who is Chase Daniel? Is he a quarterback that has been looking for a chance to start but hasn’t gotten his chance, or is he a professional Alex Moran, a quarterback who is totally cool with just being the backup?

Before coming to Chicago, Daniel earned himself 24 million dollars from his various pit stops, and a Super Bowl ring when he was with the Saints. Chase Daniel earned all of this, and still only has two career starts.

When looking at the teams that he has signed with, he has clearly been fine with being the backup quarterback. While that may seem like a deterrent, teams like the Chicago Bears still sign him to be the backup without the in-game proof that he can be the guy if the starter goes down.

So why do teams still sign him? Well, for starters, he clearly is looked at as a mentor for young quarterbacks. The Eagles signed him to be the backup to their rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, and later on, the Bears signed him to be in a similar role.

He does not just worry about being a mentor though, and his former coaches have had high praise for his preparedness. Eagles Coach Doug Peterson said: “The one thing that Chase really prides himself on is just understanding our opponent, and he does it through film study.” This seems like a perfect match for Trubisky, with both reportedly being all about reviewing film.

Up until now, the team has only needed Daniel to be there as a mentor. With the injury to Trubisky, things are much different as it appears that the Bears will be starting Chase Daniel against the Lions on Thursday.

So if Chase Daniel is the man on Thanksgiving, what should Bears fans be expecting? For analysis, it is not exactly easy to scout him with only two career starts under his belt. When taking a look at Daniel, I believe that it is most fair to look at his most recent work, and that was in his third preseason game against the Chiefs.

In that game, he proved that he is a worthy backup. With game three of the preseason being the game where the real starters get the most reps (unless you are the Bears), Daniel saw plenty of action. He definitely took advantage in that one, as he ended up going 15/18 for 198 yards and two touchdowns.

When looking at some of the plays that he made, it makes you feel comfortable in him being able to handle the offense for a game. When looking at his throwing ability throughout the game, he was easily able to find the open receiver, even when he was with the backups.

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A reminder that this was the bare bones version of the offense from this game, so now that Nagy has his playbook way more open at this point in the season, I am not too worried about him being unable to find the open receiver. With what I saw in both training camp and the preseason games, I am confident in his throwing ability.

A hidden part of Chase’s game is his running ability. He displayed that throughout the Chiefs game, and the Bears should feel even more confident knowing that they are not switching to an immobile quarterback.

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While none of us want to see Trubisky out against the Lions, everything is pointing to this being the case. Even without Trubisky, I believe that the Chicago Bears can still win this one, as the defense will be too much for Detroit. I believe that even with #10 being on the sidelines, Bears fans will be having a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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