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Chase Daniel does his job in Bears’ 23-16 win over Lions

Chase Daniel's performance on Thursday was all you could ask for out of a backup QB. Dan takes a look at his performance and more in his film breakdown of the Bears' offense.

Chicago Bears fans ended up having a very happy Thanksgiving this year. In a game where the Bears were on short rest with a backup quarterback, the offense did enough to walk out with the win.

There were some positives and negatives that came out of this one, so let’s check out what the coaches film revealed on the Bears offense.

Chase Daniel did all that the Bears Needed

Going into this game, some fans were very nervous that Chase Daniel was going to blow it or the Bears winning streak, and it isn’t hard to blame them for thinking that way. Daniel has never really proved himself in game, and Bears fans were questioning if he was actually going to be the backup that the team was paying for.

Chase Daniel did everything that he needed to do to win the football game. He made some great throws throughout the game, including this ball to Tarik Cohen.

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Daniel did exactly what we should expect from a backup quarterback: to be able to step up when playing against weaker competition and still walk out with the win. Bears fans should be thrilled with the job that Daniel did.

Trey Burton had a Rough game

While he’s been having a great season for the Chicago Bears, it was not a strong game for Trey Burton. He had a few costly mistakes on Thursday that could have changed the outcome of the game.

The biggest mistake he made was his fumble at the beginning of the second quarter. He did an excellent job of fighting to get past the first down marker, I can’t knock him for that. I can knock him for not covering up the ball after the completion.

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The way he fought to get leverage should have told him that defenders were going to be all over him and he was not going to be able to get upfield. In this situation, he needs to make sure that he has the ball secured and just takes the tackle that he is going to get.

He also had a relatively rough drop later in the game. I am not sure if he just lost concentration or what caused this, but he needs to catch these balls.

One last play that I disliked was this hold. While it was not a very strong hold, I see why it was thrown. All Burton had to do was get into the defenders way. He did not need to lunge and grab him as Daniel would have gotten around him.

Trey Burton may have had a bad day, but I think that he is getting ready to go off very soon.

The Offensive line had a Tough job

While a lot of praise has been placed on the offensive weapons throughout this season, the offensive line needs some credit as well. Even after losing their leader in Kyle Long, the line has looked solid. They have given up the least amount of sacks and QB hits in the division so far this season.

This week, the offensive line had a bigger challenge as one of the biggest differences between Mitch Trubisky and Chase Daniel is the ability to scramble for yards. Mitch does a great job of avoiding sacks and turning negatives into positives, something the offensive line couldn’t expect last week.

Take a look at the play below. On this, Chase Daniels notices the pressure and attempts to leave the pocket, but he is not quick enough to escape the grasp of Ezekiel Ansah. If Trubisky was in a similar situation, he would have narrowly escaped, leaving the stats to look better for the offensive line on that day.

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The offensive line did a pretty good job overall, especially considering how they were on short rest against a pretty tough defensive line. It was a win for the Bears offensive line.

When looking over this past Thanksgiving, Bears fans are just thankful that they managed to pick up a win without their starting quarterback. Overall, the team would be okay if they were required to go another week without Trubisky. While it seems like he is going to be back vs. the Giants, you never know, so be prepared for anything Bears fans.

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