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NFL 2019 Draft Profile: Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa should be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Find out why here.

I would assume that most every team in the NFL would take Nick Bosa with the 1st overall pick in the 2019 draft. The defensive end out of Ohio State has great NFL measurables. At 6 foot 4 inches and 263lbs, he is just about the same size as his older brother, Joey Bosa, who was drafted 3rd overall in the 2016 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers.

Nick Bosa withdrew from Ohio State during the 2018 season, after an abdomen injury put him out for the rest of the season. Since the injury occurred, Nick Bosa had surgery and has been rehabbing the injury and preparing for the NFL Combine. At Ohio State, he ended his career with 77 total tackles and 17.5 sacks.

Player Comparison: Nick and Joey Bosa have extremely similar play-styles. Both players explode off the ball with insane intensity, which if you are familiar with Line coaches, “exploding off the line” is arguably the most important trait for players to have. Both players use their hands quickly and efficiently which is very valuable for shedding blocks. Both players are extremely quick and with both weighing in well above 250lbs, the quickness helps them run around offensive linemen before they even know what happened. The combination of these skills is what makes Joey Bosa the player he is in the NFL and what will help Nick Bosa Take the NFL by storm.

Potential Teams:

San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers have two good defensive linemen in DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas who, are both first round picks in their own rights. Adding Nick Bosa to this D-line will pull the double teams off of Thomas and let Buckner find his true calling in run-stopping up the middle. With Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm on the other side of the ball and Mike McGlinchey Protecting him, Bosa would improve the defensive line tremendously and seems like an obvious pick if he is available to the 49ers.

Oakland Raiders: With the dealing of Kahlil Mack, the Raiders find themselves lacking in the pass rush department. Well to be fair, they lack in every department that is relevant to a football team. Drafting Bosa would not only add a potential superstar to the lineup but could add the defensive captain of the team for years to come. And for Raiders fans, fear not, you have two other first-round picks to help pull your team from the gutter.

New York Jets: With the drafting of Sam Darnold in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Jets hope to have found their long-term Quarterback, but on the other side of the ball, they need just as much help as any team in the NFL. The Jets drafting Bosa would help a pass rush that has been lacking for quite a while now. He could be the centerpiece of the defense and would make an instant impact. In my opinion, the team that selects Bosa would need the number one overall pick. The Jets are projected a top-five pick and still have the possibility of getting him, but definitely, need to get their tank on if they want a chance at him.

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