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Best Monkey Knife Fight NFL Prop Bets Week 14

Monkey Knife Fight is a new site that was made for sports gamblers and fantasy players.

While I love betting on sports as much as the next guy, prop bets have always been my favorite thing to put money on. At first, it started out simple. “What will be the first scoring play of the game?” “Will the longest field goal be over/under 47.5 yards?”

The list goes on and on.

With the emergence of fantasy sports, the prop bets I was wagering became more player based. “How many receptions will Julio Jones have (over/under 9.5)?” “How many touchdown passes will Tom Brady throw (over/under 3.5)?” 

There is finally a site that combines the best of both worlds.

That site is Don’t let the creative name stop you from checking their stuff out. It is legit and tons of fun. More importantly, it combines two things I love: prop bets and fantasy sports. offers a wide range of games that are a lot of fun to play. This week I will give out my favorite plays for NFL week 14. I will also explain some of the different games that I like and play often on the site, which should give you a better understanding of how things work on Monkey Knife Fight.

The picks I give will include games and players that I have the strongest conviction about for whatever reason. Therefore, it will not include every single game on the slate. Keep that in mind when reading this.

Let’s get into the picks.

Falcons-Packers Rapid Fire 2/2 

“Rapid Fire” is one of my favorite games on Monkey Knife Fight. Basically, you want to pick the player that will have either the most passing or rushing yards. For me, that’s an easy choice for the Falcons-Packers game.

With the firing of coach Mike McCarthy, I believe Aaron Rodgers will have a big, big day. There were rumors of Rodgers “tanking” in order to get McCarthy fired. While I don’t believe that to be 100% true, Rodgers has to be excited to have someone other than McCarthy calling the shots.

I expect the Packers to win on Sunday and for the Packers to put up points. That means the Falcons will be trailing most of the game, unable to run the football. That’s why I have Rodgers and Aaron Jones over Matt Ryan and Tevin Coleman in this version of “Rapid Fire.”

Falcons-Packers Rapid Fire 3/4

Another form of “Rapid Fire” that I love is the 3/4, where you have to pick 3/4 right to win. I mentioned above why I believe Rodgers will have a big game Sunday. If Rodgers goes off, his No. 1 WR Davante Adams will have to have a big game as well.

The Falcons’ defense has been decimated by injuries. They rank 28th in DVOA against opposing team’s No. 1 WRs and will continue to struggle on the road in Green Bay. Adams against Desmond Trufant is a big, big mismatch. While Julio Jones also has a good matchup, he is coming off an injury and it’s hard to trust Matt Ryan on the road, in the cold.

Again, the good thing here is if Julio does go off, I can still win money as long as I get the other three picks right.

Falcons-Packers Reception-Connection 

Clearly, I am high on the Falcons-Packers game. This time it’s with “Reception-Connection.” The goal? Pick three players you believe will combine to get over 21.5, 25,5, or 28.5 receptions. For me, the first two players to pick were easy in Adams and Jones. I figured Calvin Ridley would be a nice third option.

The Falcons’ defense ranks dead last in the NFL against No. 3 WRs. Considering Ridley spends most of his time in the slot, he should have plenty of opportunities Sunday.

Giants-Redskins Rapid Fire 2/2 

There’s nothing special about this “Rapid Fire.” It comes down to the eye test, and the eye test tells me that Eli Manning will throw for more passing yards than Mark Sanchez and Saquon Barkley will have more receptions than Jordan Reed, who will be receiving passes from Mark Sanchez. K.I.S.S – Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

BONUS – Rams-Bears Rapid Fire 3/4

Use this link to get started on MKF. Have any plays I should consider? Hit me up on Twitter.



Nick is the editor-in-chief at & owner of He also is a fantasy sports junkie, DFS player, and prop play guru. He considers himself a football expert but dabbles in a bit of everything, including trying to sell his own "soul" on eBay. For more fun, follow him on Twitter @PetroTLS. 

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