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Bears: Trubisky Outplayed Rodgers Sunday

The Chicago Bears’ offense got the job done against the Green Bay Packers Sunday. That included Mitch Trubisky outplaying Aaron Rodgers.

What an all-around special game for the Chicago Bears this past Sunday. Being the division champs is one thing, but getting revenge on the Packers for what happened Week 1 by knocking them out of the playoffs as well was just so sweet.

The Bears offense looked great after a not so great week against the Rams. The Bears offense assisted the Bears defense in getting the win on Sunday.

Mitch Trubisky Outperformed Aaron Rodgers

What a beautiful sentence to write and to read, but in every way, Mitch Trubisky truly did outplay the man that has broken Bears fans hearts too many times over the years. Going into this game, that was the thing that I wanted to see the most. Yes, I wanted to see the Bears defense go crazy on the whole Packers offense, but a real statement would be a Chicago Bears quarterback outperforming the Packers quarterback, something that has rarely happened this decade.

The Packers defensive agenda was clear, get to Trubisky and force him to make mistakes. They were not prepared for the Mitch Trubisky that showed up, as the constant blitzing did not phase him one bit.

While re-watching this game, I could not get enough of Trubisky’s ability to not only escape the pass rush but to keep his eyes downfield even with the opposing team all over him. On the one below, he did a perfect job of staying in the pocket for as long as he could. He recognized that he was about to get sacked, and ducked out at the perfect time. The best part is that he was not looking for the sideline to keep running, right when he escaped the pocket, his eyes were back downfield to find Jordan Howard, who ran for a first down.

This is another example of Mitch staying in that pocket for as long as he can, and then escaping just at the right time. He is clearly not afraid to stay in that pocket for as long as possible, and he does not leave at the first sign of danger. Also watch as he, again, keeps his eyes down the field the entire play, and throws a nice ball to Taylor Gabriel for a solid gain.

Even on this one below, where he does not turn it into a huge gain, I believe most of the quarterbacks in the NFL would have gotten sacked in the backfield, but Trubisky left the pocket at the perfect time, escaped the big loss, and even got a few yards on the play. This was an impressive play that, again, not many can do.

This was the highlight of the game for Mitch effectively using his legs. I thought for sure that he would be dead on this blitz, but Trubisky did a perfect job of avoiding the tackle and still looking downfield for the perfect ball to Adam Shaheen. Adam Shaheen also did a great job on this play, which I will go over later this article.

Just looking at Mitch though, he recognized what Shaheen was doing and what the Packers defense was doing. With that, he threw a perfect ball to Shaheen.

Trubisky had plenty of throws that he threw precisely. These were mainly short routes, and the rush never got close to him, so he stood tall in the pocket and delivered an accurate ball.

Now, the biggest throw of the game was not an easy short throw, but it was one where he stood tall in the pocket, found the hole in the coverage, and knew that Trey Burton was going to be wide open on this one. When Trubisky found Burton, he launched an absolute rocket right into Burton who made the completion, which ended up being the touchdown that won them the game.

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Overall, Trubisky was just head and shoulders better than Rodgers. In a way, he kind of stole the Rodgers role throughout this game. How many times has Aaron Rodgers escaped the pocket and made plays when it seemed like he had no chance, or how about calmly leading a game-winning drive that tears your heart out?

This is exactly what Trubisky did throughout this game.

Trubisky did not have the signature deep ball that Rodgers throws, but neither did Rodgers himself. Rodgers just did not look good in this game, and Trubisky flat out was much better than him. Mitch Trubisky won this football game just as much as the Bears defense won this football game.

Bellamy proved his worth

No matter what your opinion of Josh Bellamy is, you must respect that he had a heck of a game on Sunday. For the Bears offense, he had the best catch of the entire game. This was a terrific ball from Trubisky and an even better catch by Bellamy.

If you watched that dreadful Bears versus Titans game back in 2016, you would have never thought that Bellamy was going to be able to make catches like this, but here we are.

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He also stepped up on special teams, catching two punts that resulted in the Packers offense having to start on there own goal-line. Watch on this one where Bellamy beats his man as the gunner, and beautifully tracks the ball down.

Not a lot of attention goes towards this, but Bellamy deserves a lot of credit for those two plays. Bellamy has had all of the tools to be a solid player, and I’m glad that he is finally putting it all together. He is a valuable part of this team, as it seems like he is a player that all the guys love to have around, and he is now making plenty of plays on the field.

Adam Shaheen is getting better and better with each game.

This week, we saw the increased use of Adam Shaheen. It was noticeable, as he is appearing to take reps away from some of the slot receivers like Anthony Miller. He deserves it as well, he had a solid game, I already mentioned the great play that Shaheen made, but I want to look at it a little more.

On this play, Adam Shaheen was running a delayed route, where he blocked the defender for a second, but then bounced out into a route. Shaheen was not the number one read on this one, so Trubisky did not see that Shaheen was open.


On the next picture, you can tell that Shaheen notices that Trubisky is in trouble, and is getting ready for a possible quick throw from him.


Trubisky escaped the pass rusher and begins to scramble back towards Adam Shaheen. Now Shaheen recognized that if he stayed in the position that he was in, a defender could come down and get to Shaheen quickly, or worse the ball.

You can see that Shaheen is looking back to find a developing hole in the defense, instead of sitting and waiting for a ball from Trubisky.


Shaheen found the hole in the defense, as that defender right above him got too aggressive in attempting to make a play on Shaheen. Trubisky and Shaheen are on the same page, and Trubisky delivers the ball into the space where the Packers were vulnerable.

Now let’s watch it all come together.

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This was just a fantastic all-around play from the Bears offense. Shaheen is clearly making strides as a player, as recognizing that he needed to move out of the route that he was in was fantastic to see out of a young and inexperienced tight end. This play gets me even more excited for this duo that was drafted one and two in the Bears 2017 Draft.

His second catch of the day wasn’t too shabby either, as not only did he make the tough catch in traffic, he kept fighting for more yards, and had to be tackled by multiple Packers defenders.

Shaheen is looking more and more like the tight end that Bears fans expected to see when the team used a second round pick on him. His role with this team should only increase, and he is going to continue to be a big part of this offense, as long as he can stay healthy.


Overall, this was just such great game to watch as a Bears fan. Trubisky did exactly what he needed to do to win this game, and then some. After many in the media talked a lot about how the Bears would be so much better with a decent quarterback, Mitch Trubisky outperformed one of the greatest of all time. The whole offense as a whole is really coming together as the team is nearing the playoffs, and it is a great time to be a Bears fan.

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