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Bears: Having a Healthy Eddie Jackson is the Key to Stopping Nick Foles

The Bears should have no trouble against the Eagles as long as Eddie Jackson is healthy. Dan takes a look at the Eagles offense here.

In most cases, when a team is down to their backup quarterback, people will count that team out immediately. It’s different for the Philadelphia Eagles, as they smartly held on to their Super Bowl MVP quarterback Nick Foles, and he is going to once again try to work his magic that he had last year.

The big issue for the Eagles offense is their lack of a consistent running game. They are tied for second to last place in yards per attempt with 3.8 yards per attempt this season. It is not exactly explosive either and the longest run that they have had was only 32 yards. The Bears did not allow any sort of running game to start up for the Vikings last week, so I would not expect it to for the Eagles.

Because of the lack of a running game, the Chicago Bears defense will have all of their focus on stopping Nick Foles.

Nick Foles has been decent as a starting quarterback for the Eagles this season. His high on the season is his performance against the Houston Texans, where he had by far his best statistical game. He had a great game, but the stats are a tad overblown. His first touchdown was a short dump off pass that caused a 37-yard score, and then his second was a pass on the one-yard line.

His third touchdown was a beautiful toss though, hitting Nelson Agholor deep for an 81-yard touchdown. These are the types of throws that Nick Foles sometimes makes that make him look like a top quarterback, and what helped the Eagles to win a ring last season.

He also has some absolutely horrible throws. In the Redskins game, he threw a ball that missed tight end Zach Ertz by a mile.

This is what makes the Eagles such a weird team in the postseason. If their quarterback is on, they can compete with almost every single offense in the league, even without a decent running game.

Nick Foles is going to have his hands full against a very tough Bears defense, but he did figure it out against a tough Houston Texans team.

The big question is if he can do what he did away from home in a tough Chicago Bears environment. He has not done great so far this year when he is away from home, and his three touchdowns are nothing to get excited about. The Eagles ride to the Super Bowl last season was at home, and he did a good job in the neutral crowd of the Super Bowl, but he did not need to play a playoff game away from home.

I don’t think the good Nick Foles will show up on Sunday. This Bears defense is just flat out special and making great quarterbacks look bad. The Vikings never got a run game going all season, even though I believe they had the ability to, but it was a non-factor once again this past Sunday.

The same goes for the Philadelphia Eagles. The game will have to be won through the air, and if it is anything like how it went for Kirk Cousins, it will not go very well.

The big factor for the Chicago Bears having a good game against Nick Foles and whoever else they face the rest of the playoffs is if they have there star safety Eddie Jackson back. If Eddie Jackson is back for this Sunday’s game, expect him to have an interception in this one. If Eddie Jackson is gone, then the Bears are going to be much more susceptible to be beaten by the deep ball.

When it’s all said and done, the Bears should not have a ton of trouble with Nick Foles, and they should win this game.

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