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What the Hell is Going on with Wendell Carter Jr. & the Bulls Medical Staff?

What in the world is the Chicago Bulls' medical staff doing with Wendell Carter Jr.?

It doesn’t get more Chicago Bulls than this.

On Jan. 15, Bulls’ rookie, Wendell Carter Jr. sprained his thumb against the Los Angeles Lakers. Originally, it looked like Carter had a fractured thumb and would miss at least eight weeks. However, x-rays revealed no damage, meaning Carter would be back in the lineup sooner than later.

“It went from (missing) six to eight weeks to now day to day,” Carter said. “So that’s definitely a relief for sure.” 

Keep in mind that Carter stayed in the game after hurting his thumb against the Lakers. The only thing the Bulls’ staff did was put medical tape on the injury. Obviously, after the game, there was more testing, and even more tests on Thursday morning that appeared to be good news.

That all went down the drain on Friday after the Bulls announced Carter would need thumb surgery, which will end his rookie season. My question is, how in the hell can the Bulls go from saying Carter would miss 8-10 weeks with a fractured thumb, to a sprained ligament, to now a sprained thumb that requires surgery.

Well, the complex world of medicine, but why would the Bulls even release three different things before they let the injury heal or were for certain that Carter’s injury wasn’t season ending? Because they’re the Bulls that’s why.

Let’s not forget this is the same medical staff that handled Derrick Rose‘s injuries…Yea, not very trustworthy. If the Bulls were smart (their not) they would have been extremely vague about Carter’s injury from the start. That would allow his injury to settle down, without diagnosing him prematurely, and getting everyone’s hopes up.

Instead, the Bulls did the opposite. They again made themselves look stupid, I know, shocking right. It’s hard not to look at this organization as one of the worst in sports. They continue to operate with no structure, plan, or guidance.

The good news is that Carter is just 19-years-old, the bad news is he will miss valuable playing time in the NBA with players he NEEDS to develop a chemistry with.

This Bulls season has been an utter disaster. Every young player expected to be apart of the future has been injured at one point, an interim coach is getting a head coach salary, and that same coach is not getting through to his players.

Let’s just say the Bulls top 5 draft pick will not be enough to save this franchise, who somehow didn’t screw things up with Michael Jordan. Until everyone in management and the front office is fired, nothing is going change.

Don’t worry, if the Bulls end up with Zion Williamson with Gar/Pax running the show, they will find a way to screw it up.

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