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Does Trading for Anthony Davis Make Sense for the Bulls?

Anthony Davis made it known that he does not want to sign an extension to stay in New Orleans. Does it make sense for the Bulls to trade for Davis?

With the NBA trade deadline just 10 days away, big names have been rumored to be wanting out of their respective teams. One of those big names happens to be the star of the New Orleans Pelicans, Anthony Davis. Earlier today, Rich Paul, who is Davis’s agent, (and notably the agent of LeBron James) released a statement that the superstar won’t sign an extension and has requested a trade from the organization.

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise as rumors of Davis leaving the Pelicans have been swirling around for awhile now. Bovada has released odds of where The Brow will end up with the Los Angeles Lakers as the favorite at -125 and the Boston Celtics right behind them at +150. The three other teams that comprise the list are the Pelicans themselves, New York Knicks, and the Philadelphia 76ers. You maybe asking yourself, where are the Bulls?

Anthony Davis grew up in the Chicago area and attended a Charter school in the south side. The front office hasn’t publicly indicated that they are making a move for Davis but now might be the only time to get him. Davis would be a free agent after the 2021 season, which lines up with when the Bulls should be somewhat relevant and ready to spend some big bucks.

I say now might be the only time the Bulls can get him because ultimately wherever he ends up a contract extension is more than likely to happen. Therefore in the 2021 off-season Davis would be off the table.

Now lets take an in depth look at what Davis can bring to the table. He brings MVP like numbers every year, and this year he is having his best season to date. Davis is averaging 29.3 PPG to go along with 13.3 REB and 2.6 blocks per game. He finds himself top five in the league for each of those categories. Also, he has been an All-Star every year besides his rookie season. He has gone down with many minor injuries in the past but has appeared in 60+ games since he has been drafted. Not only is he highly efficient from inside the paint, but Davis can also step outside the arc and shoot the three ball. It is safe to say the 25-year-old has been consistently a top five player in the league and will continue to be for many years to come.

What would it cost to bring Anthony Davis back home?

A lot. There is no sugar coating it, the Bulls don’t necessarily have a lot like other teams do. The Lakers have the option to offer a Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram. While the Celtics can offer Jayson Tatum. Meanwhile the Bulls can offer last seasons first round pick in Wendall Carter Jr. and everyone else not named Lauri Markkanen and Zach LaVine. But, what the Bulls do have that the other teams don’t is the possible first overall pick in next years 2019 draft where Zion Williamson will undoubtedly be taken number one overall.

If the Pelicans somehow decide to keep Davis past this trade deadline, the Bulls can offer the 1st overall pick if they do indeed win the lottery. If they are ready to part ways with Davis now, the pick will probably end up being a top five choice regardless and the Bulls would have to include an additional 2020 first round pick as well.

The price for Davis is so high right now and will obviously be receiving impact pieces right away from other teams, but Zion has the potential to take over this league in years to come. The Bulls currently hold the fourth worst record in the league. If the Bulls do finish in the bottom three they hold a 14% chance to land the first overall pick (bottom three all have 14% chance).

It would take a risk from the Pelicans considering the Bulls aren’t a lock, but it could be a risk that comes with a high reward. Gar/Pax haven’t done a lot right in years past, but trading for Anthony Davis if he agrees to an extension would put the Bulls back on the right path.

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