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Bulls: Gar/Pax Proved Again On Thursday They Are the Dumbest 2 People In All of Sports

Welcome back to my annual therapy session after a Gar/Pax press conference. On Thursday, the dynamic duo met the media after this year's NBA trade deadline

Welcome back to my annual therapy session after a Gar/Pax press conference.

On Thursday, the dynamic duo met the media after this year’s NBA trade deadline officially ended. Gar was actually supposed to meet the media alone for the first time in over a year, but in typical Gar/Pax fashion, that wasn’t the case.

Be a man Gar! For once don’t have your buddy next to you.

There were so many different things said today that made Bulls’ fans laugh/cringe. Here, my hope is to break it all down, so we can try to understand what Gar/Pax are actually doing. Spoiler alert – who the hell knows?

Gar and the Importance of Draft Picks

You’re joking, right?

Gar: It’s important to have draft picks in the 30s good players can be found there. 

Also Gar: *Trades Jordan Bell for cash and trades a 2nd round pick for Otto Porter. 

The Bulls may be the biggest group of hypocrites I’ve ever seen. Don’t tell us that picks in the 30s are important when you’ve literally traded picks for cash. How can you be this tone deaf? Also, when’s the last time a pick in the 30s worked out for the Bulls.

I’ll wait.

“People Want Instant Gratification” -Gar 

Of course, they do, it’s been almost 20 years since the Bulls had a serious chance to win something. Fine, you could throw 2011 in there, so one year out of almost 20 the Bulls have had a chance at winning a championship.

People are going to be impatient. Especially, after 4 or 5 “rebuilds.

Commitment to Jim Boylen 

I wanted to give Jim Boylen a chance I really did, but this guy is Thibs 2.0 in a league where analytics matter, a lot. Instead, Boylen is worried about his players running suicides at practice and playing hard.

This isn’t 2002. Things have changed and the numbers matter.

Players haven’t bought into Boylen either. Here’s what Zach LaVine had to say about a week ago.

“Something’s obviously wrong,” LaVine said after the Bulls’ recent 10-game losing streak. “We weren’t losing (by) double-digits earlier in the season. We might have been losing, (but) we didn’t even have a full roster. So I don’t know. We’re a better team now and we’re getting blown out. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a player that’s “buying in.” Yet, the Bulls committed to Boylen coaching the team next season.

Here’s some Bulls’ logic.

Maybe, the reason the Bulls want to hold onto Boylen for next year is because they don’t want to pay 3 coaches at one time. They will never admit that though.

Not Being In Position for the Biggest FA Class Since 2010

Before the season, Gar and Pax tried to tell us that the Bulls were preparing for FA 2019. While most fans didn’t believe them, some out there did.

1. No big time free agent is coming here while Gar/Pax are in charge and the team is without a true superstar.

2. The Bulls only would have been able to offer one max contract because of the LaVine deal. If they were really all about FA 2019, they should have let LaVine go to the Kings and did something similar to what the Knicks are doing. They will now have enough room to offer two players max contracts.

Obviously, the Otto Porter trade was the Bulls signing their UFA for 2019. At least Gar/Pax understand that no one wants to come.

Translation: We suck too bad for anyone to want to come here. Gar/Pax had to do a deal with the devil for D-Wade to come here for one season.

Add FA 2019 to the list of Bulls’ misses. Maybe 2023 guys!

McNeil and Parkins Interview on 670 The Score 

Pax went onto 670 The Score after his press conference to talk to McNeil and Parkins. Let’s just say he was triggered at times.

Tell us how you really feel, Pax.

I’m not sure what that means.

More lies?

Just in case you didn’t know, Gar/Pax are aware of the protest.

Listen to the full interview here.

Not Trading Robin Lopez 

One of the few bright spots of the Bulls the last couple years has been Robin Lopez – a true professional. He’s a solid player, who has helped the team’s young roster grow up a bit. He deserves to be on a contender.

The Bulls’ front office has failed to trade him two years in a row now. It’s also not a sure thing that the Bulls will buyout Lopez either, which is 100% wrong.


The One Smart Thing Said Today 

Yes, there was a lot of stupid said today. If there was one smart thing said, it was this.

Listen, Dunn has shown flashes in a Bulls’ uniform, but he has a hard time staying healthy and isn’t what you’d call an ideal point guard in the 2019 version of the NBA. Dunn is averaging 12.2 points, 6.3 assists and 4.2 rebounds on the year.

Depending on where the Bulls end up drafting, it wouldn’t be crazy to think they would take a PG.

One thing is certain – Dunn, LaVine, and Markkanen need to play together more.


Nothing has changed. Nothing at all. And nothing will until Gar/Pax are running this organization. Here is something to keep in mind though.

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