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White Sox Need to Offer $325-350 Million Guaranteed to Bryce Harper

The Chicago White Sox missed out on Manny Machado and should now be players for Bryce Harper, but because of a stubborn owner, they may miss out on another generational talent.

After sleeping on Manny Machado to the Padres for 10-years $300 million guaranteed and the White Sox offering $250 million over 8 years for more money with incentives, I’ve come to some conclusions.

First off, let’s start with the White Sox, who have made the playoffs 6-times since the 1960s. Talk about a joke. This is also a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs in a decade and has been pretty much irrelevant.

They were in on Machado. Their offer, which would have been around $320-$350 if Machado hit all his incentives was legit. It just wasn’t what Machado and his agent were looking for, which is frustrating. That makes you wonder what in the hell the front office was doing in the first place with that offer and why they didn’t match it.

Really the only difference between the Sox offer and the Padres offer was $50 million guaranteed, the number of years, and the opt-out after 5-years. If the White Sox didn’t want to do that for a player that is

A) Not a brand

B) Has some character flaws that may have you think twice about giving him $300 million

I can live with it.

Yesterday, I spoke about my initial feelings towards not signing Machado and about some Sox fans freaking out over it.

Again, after a night of sleeping on it, it’s very frustrating that the Sox would not just throw in more guaranteed money from the start or to even match or beat the Padres final offer. But I can live with it.

What I can’t live with is having the money to go after a bigger brand and another superstar player in Bryce Harper…and not even trying to do it. Here’s why.

Jerry Reinsdorf and the White Sox had budgets in place to sign both Machado and Harper. Let’s think about this logically for a second.

-The White Sox can take the money they were offering Machado, which was north of $300 million all together with incentives and package it into a $325-350 million fully guaranteed offer for Harper.

-There have been reports that Harper doesn’t want to play in Philly. Let’s also keep in mind that the Dodgers, Yankees, and now Padres are out of the Harper sweepstakes. It basically down to the Phillies, Nationals, Giants and White Sox, if they want to be in.

-I think $325 guaranteed gets it done for Harper. At this point, it’s just a matter of which team has the balls to offer it. The White Sox should be that team. Will they be? That’s another question that doesn’t have a very positive answer.

Jerry, you’re 83. If you want to win another title or even be relevant again, you give Harper what he wants. I tried to be positive yesterday, but it’s impossible. Especially because the White Sox could right their wrongs by giving Harper what he wants.

Obviously, ownership is still very stubborn and that’s always going to be the difference between the Sox and other teams. Kudos to the Padres owner for stepping up and landing a generational talent. Who knows if it will work out, but at least he took a chance. That fanbase is going to be energized for the first time in a while.

Again, Harper would bring something bigger than Machado in terms of a brand. That right there means Harper would generate more revenue than Machado, which means more money for you, Jerry. Also, just a heads up, the money doesn’t go with you when you die. The only thing that stays is your legacy, which outside of getting lucky by drafting Michael Jordan and winning the World Series in 2005, looks pretty, pretty bad.

In fact, I would say it’s fair to say that Jerry Reinsdorf is closer to being Bill Wirtz than Rocky Wirtz. That’s just a fact. If you want to change your legacy, go out and get Harper. I have about zero hope that will happen. That’s the problem with the White Sox.

Unfortunately, until ownership changes…nothing is going to change on the south side. Yes, the future is still bright, but how can we ever expect the Sox to have sustained success if they can’t even make an offer to a 26-year-old star?


As I was writing this I saw this report. If the Giants and Padres land Harper and Machado – two small market teams, then maybe the White Sox should relocate. That would be an absolute joke.

Especially, if the Sox take some contracts off the hands of the Giants, giving them the ability to offer Harper a longterm deal.

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1 comment on “White Sox Need to Offer $325-350 Million Guaranteed to Bryce Harper

  1. McV ex sox fan

    Reinsdorf will not sit in the room as Scott Boars. So guarantee Harper on the Southside won’t happen. (unless he is playing for the opposing team).

    Sox fans need to be realistic. Reinsdorf will not pay top $$$ for marquee free agents. He will not give opt out clauses. So that will eliminate any of the 2nd tier class of FA’s. Those that play at above level grades. But are not elite.

    The Sox for all their promises, are going to continue signing the lower tier / past their prime crop and pay bottom dollar.

    The only chance is when Reinsdorf finally does die, his son will sell the team to someone that understands the costs of putting true contender on the field.

    But after the last 24 hours, I will never got to a Sox game again.

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