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Zach LaVine Has Big Night vs. 76ers…Bulls Back?

The Chicago Bulls beat the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night in a very, very fun basketball game.

That was fun.

Listen, I know the Chicago Bulls need to be losing basketball games, but Wednesday’s win over the 76ers was a good time, even if it did hurt the Bulls’ chances of getting Zion. Robin Lopez and Zach LaVine had big, big games. LaVine has been on fire the last couple of weeks. He’s proving to be the player the Bulls thought he could be when they gave him that contract extension.

In a game against a good opponent like the 76ers, that’s an impressive stat line by LaVine. For now, he should be considered the Bulls’ “closer.” Last year there were some talks of Lauri Markkanen or Kris Dunn (LOL) being that guy, but if LaVine has proved anything in the 2018-19 season, it’s that he should get the ball late in games with the Bulls down or tied.

The only concerning part about LaVine’s succsess is that Markkanen seems to take a backseat in these big games. He had just nine field goal attempts and 11 points. The hope is that the two can have games together like they did on last Friday against the Hawks.

Otto Porter Jr. also deserves a fair amount of credit. He’s been a breath of fresh year on the defensive side of the ball and opposing teams also have to respect his three point shot, which opens things up for other players.

Again, if this teams missing anything right now, it’s a point guard. #BringDRoseback.

Seeing Robin Lopez have big games is a bit frustrating…he should be getting meaningful minutes with a contender, instead he’s helping the Bulls sabtoge their own draft position by winning basketball games.

Hey, it was still fun though, and that’s ok. Don’t be like this guy, who can’t even enjoy a fun win.


Love you James!

Also, play of the year?

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