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Blackhawks: Crow Is Back In His Nest

Corey Crawford is back. Not just physically, his gameplay is back and it seems like there’s no stopping him.

Corey Crawford is back.

Not just physically, his gameplay is back and it seems like there’s no stopping him. He may single-handedly put the team on his back and carry them to a playoff spot. That seems to be what he’s been doing since coming back from his most recent concussion.

There’s no denying that the reason the Chicago Blackhawks were on a 5-game win streak recently was because of Crawford. And he was basically the reason the Hawks got a point in the game against the Vancouver Canucks.

Crawford was arguably the only one who played a full 60 minutes against the Canucks. His fight in the game, his incredible saves, are the reason the Hawks came out of that game with a point.

It seems like ever since Crawford has gotten back since his concussion he’s been playing some of the best, most consistent hockey on the team.

Crawford’s agility has been impeccable since he’s come back, making sliding saves, insane glove saves, and even a few hail mary saves for the team. He’s given the team a fighting chance to make the playoffs. He’s given the team a goal to fight for in both senses of the words.  

Since coming back, Crawford’s record is 6-1-1. That record is a reflection of his play, as he’s been instrumental in all of the wins. None of the games he played were easy grabs, he fought hard and made some important saves to keep the Hawks in the games.

It seems that Crawford is back in his usual form, after being riddled with injuries over the past two seasons. It’s usually hard for any player, especially a goalie, to be out for prolonged periods of time and come back immediately ready to go. But that’s what Crawford has done thus far, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Crawford consistently playing as he has been will be incredibly important in this playoff push. The Hawks cannot afford to lose any games.

Thursday, the Hawks will face the Philadelphia Flyers, another team trying desperately for a playoff push. But if Crawford’s recent play is any indication, the Flyers are going to have a hard time getting a point or two out of the Hawks.

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