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Zach LaVine Predicts Bulls Will Be in the Playoffs Next Year

Zach LaVine recently predicted that the Bulls will make the playoffs next year. Jalen agrees with that statement and explains why here.

In a recent interview Zach LaVine was asked if he believed the Chicago Bulls would be a playoff team next year.

And with no hesitation he responded saying yes.

Yeah, automatically. There’s no reason you shouldn’t think that. I think we have enough of a talent level. There’s a lot of things we have to do better, but just talent-wise on paper, I don’t see a lot of teams better than us in the East. I think we should be a playoff team.”

I fully agree with his response. If you look at the teams fighting for the playoffs right now (Nets, Magic, Pistons, Hornets) the Bulls are better than all but the Nets. Their talent from positions 2-5 stands out among the rest. All young dynamic players with star potential.

If healthy, I see no reason for the Bulls not to slip into a 6-8 seed for the 2019-2020 season.

Health is a big part of their success.

Being the young and rebuilding team that they are, it’s essential to have your young core play together and establish chemistry from the beginning.

This is why LaVine mentions there are things they need to work out, considering the starting lineup only managed to play 12 games together. But talent alone should have this roster in the postseason– IF healthy.

LaVine has personal goals he wants to accomplish but understands that winning comes first and awards second:

I think I put together a really, really good year, especially for my position as a guard. But I didn’t get the accolades I want as an All-Star or All-NBA. You’re not on a winning basketball team. And those things come from that. So you have to put winning first.”

Zach LaVine had an outstanding season, averaging 23.7 points 4.7 rebounds and 4.5 assists with efficient shooting, proving that he’s a winning player, just on a losing team.

And that’s alright.

Rebuilds take time and I expect the Bulls to make a huge leap this year. Not to mention the fact that they finished with the fourth worst record in the league and have a 12.5 percent chance to land the top pick in the NBA Draft.

Fingers crossed.

But realistically, if the Bulls land at the fourth spot there are some talented players, such as Texas Tech forward Jarrett Culver.

A Bulls fans dream would be selecting Murray State’s¬†Ja Morant to fill in a position where the other guard, Kris Dunn, has plateaued at. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

With a few off-season acquisitions to add more depth and a top five pick in this years upcoming draft, Chicago SHOULD reach the playoffs after a three year break.

Their talent is too great and anything less would be a huge disappointment.

Stay tuned for the off-season Bulls fans.

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