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White Sox: Inept Roster Construction Adds Frustration to Rough Season

It's been a rough start to the season for the White Sox and changes need to be made before things get too out of hand. Anthony has more on that here.

It has been a tough start for the season for the White Sox as they are 3-8 through their first eleven games and currently sit fourth in the AL Central. A big problem the Sox have been facing is scoring often in the early goings.

In this past homestand the Sox have gotten outscored 53-24 against the Seattle Mariners and Tampa Bay Rays. Yes, these are two teams that happened to be hot at the time, but owning a -29 run differential at home is flat out embarrassing.

If the White Sox want to shift this narrative it is imperative that the front office needs to make some changes. One of those changes that must happen is the demotion of Daniel Palka.

Sorry to all the 108ers out there that bleed the same blood as Palka, but his bat just isn’t major league acceptable, even on a bad team like the White Sox.

Palka came out swinging last year as soon as he earned his promotion to the big leagues. He would tie Miguel Andujar with the most rookie home runs at 27. To go along with his power, he finished with a line of .240/.294/.484. These numbers are respectable for a player that didn’t even think he would find himself on a major league roster a year ago.

Fans started to get excited over the potential growth (myself included) on what Palka could do in his first full year of the big leagues. He looked promising and could very much fill a role as the second DH option on this club considering he smashed righties in 2018. With the acquisition of Yonder Alonso that dream quickly vanished right before our eyes. Instead, our eyes have shifted to right field where the horrific defense is being sold to us. But I will get to that later.

As all White Sox fans are aware, Daniel Palka has drastically underperformed to start the year. Through his 25 at bats this season, he is currently hit-less. It isn’t the fact that he is hit-less that makes the narrative of him underperforming so bad. It is the fact that Daniel looks absolutely lost at the plate. More times than not, Palka is clearly going up to the plate not thinking about what the first pitch is going to be and comes up swinging. There is no approach to his at-bats whatsoever. Pitchers have noticed it too. Daniel is so far out in front of off-speed pitches that he is making himself look embarrassing. Of his 25 at bats this season, he has struck out nearly 50% of the time at 12 on the year.

At the rate his start is going, it wouldn’t surprise me if he reaches Chris Davis’s new infamous record of going 0-49 (and continuing). Of course, that is if he isn’t demoted by then.

If you thought what you see at the plate is bad, the defense he brings in right field might even be worse. Everybody knew he wasn’t a great defensive player and should have been the DH if it wasn’t for Alonso as mentioned above. But here we are 11 games into the season and we have all seen enough. The most notable mistake he makes is missing the cut-off man. And nothing gets me more mad. A few times this season, Daniel has missed his cut-off man and rocketed the ball either home or to third to allow the batter to advance a second base. This is baseball fundamentals, and if I was Ricky this would make me demote him in itself.

Another bad trait he possesses is he can’t read fly balls all that well. Kind of like his left-field friend in the North Side. An example of this is his mishap against the Mariners on Wednesday afternoon.

In this play Palka over pursues an obvious base hit that he should have pulled up on. Instead of a single, he has now just allowed a runner to get into scoring position. For a team that is having enough trouble scoring as is, this is unacceptable.

What are some possible replacements?

The obvious replacement is Jon JayUnfortunately, Jay is unhealthy and has no timetable for his return. As soon as he is healthy, that will be your every day right fielder for your 2019 Chicago White Sox.

The other possible replacement is a Ryan Cordell who made the opening day roster but just recently got demoted to Charlotte. This left fans all over confused. Cordell was 2-6 on the year with three RBI’s. He also came in and pinched hit to put the Sox ahead on a two-run home run against the Indians. If he was given the chance, he would certainly perform way better than the clown show in right.

It is obvious that Cordell belongs on the roster as he just completed the first cycle in over 20 years for the Charlotte Knights. The kid rakes.

The front office has some moves to make before this season gets too out of hand. Not to mention, people like Ricky Renteria could be losing their jobs if the team doesn’t find a new spark either.

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3 comments on “White Sox: Inept Roster Construction Adds Frustration to Rough Season

  1. I agree with what you wrote. But, I am very doubtful there will be any changes. This team had the opportunity to make improvements this past off season. But instead, through Reinsdorf’s insistence I bet, they chose to continue to shop in the bargain basement in free agency. The moves I saw, are synonymous with how this team continues to operate.

    • anthonypisarski

      Appreciate the read, and I agree unless ownership changes it will operate the same way

  2. anthonypisarski

    Thanks for the read! I still think it may be a little early for Coop to go. If these core group of pitchers don’t develop soon then it’s time to start asking questions.

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