FREE Crossword Puzzle: Between the Foul Lines

The Loop Sports will now be offering crossword puzzles, authored by Austin Bloomberg. The first installment, 'Between the Foul Lines', is available now.

In a new addition to The Loop Sports, I will be producing crosswords for the website moving forward, as a fun aside to my main work writing about the Cubs. Crossword construction is a challenging-yet-fun endeavor, a labor of love I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share.

The goal is to produce a new crossword monthly, though that is more an ideal than a sure thing. While themes will mostly relate to the sports world I’ll likely deviate and do Chicago-centric and other themes from time to time (hint: there’s definitely going to be a puzzle about beer in the near future.)

With that said, here is the first installment: ‘Between the Foul Lines‘.

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Austin is the Lead Cubs Writer for The Loop Sports. He's a lifelong baseball junkie (due to his father) and as a former college pitcher has a particular affinity for the art of pitching. Austin loves to commute in Chicago on his bicycle, and enjoys camping and canoeing as often as possible. He attained his master's degree in Social Justice and Community Development from Loyola University Chicago in 2014.

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